10 SEO Influencers That Changed My Life & Made Me Become a Better SEO

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I’ll be speaking at the SEO Philippines Mastering Online Rankings Conference (MORCon) 2012 in Saturday, 29th of September 2012; my very first appearance on a big audience as a speaker. Though I’ve been doing inbound marketing talks for college students for quite some time now, I can feel that ‘itch’ to impress the people who expect a lot from me. Before I lose my breath and have a nervous breakdown as I count the days before the MORCon, let me express my gratitude to all the people that influenced my work a lot.

The most hateful human misfortune is for a wise man to have no influence. – Herodotus

1. Jason Acidre – This might sound gay, but the day that I met Jason Acidre personally and shook his hands like he was Obama or the next President of the Philippines. That changed the way I see SEO and I guess, its forever. His work; his achievements at such a young age definitely inspire me and many SEOs in the industry. My Monday wouldn’t be complete without reading his blog, Kaiserthesage. I recommend that you dig his archives for SEO Strategies.


2. Jon Cooper – This guy is one of those youngsters in link building— in terms of his age but never from his works. Rank 1st for a sick keyword search for “link building strategies” and indeed one of those guys that you should add on your influences. You should not miss his fresh and sizzling link building course.

3. Gisele Mendez & Tyson Stevens – These two make my Twitter nights more energizing. I got fans now, and they are on the front row seats, always watching me – thanks guys; your kindness influenced my work a lot!



4.  Benj Arriola – The Filipino SEO known for his expertise and his unmatched will to help others by sharing his knowledge and experience to everybody. The time that he spent on answering our questions could almost complete to an SEO encyclopedia if he only authored one. But he never tried to— all he does is answer questions and provide help whenever someone is in need. Indeed, a very special SEO that influence my work – our work.

5.  Rand Fishkin – Who doesn’t have this guy in the list? He is everybody’s man. The work behind SEOmoz is a legacy, and Rand is the guy who started building that legacy.

6.  Wil Reynolds – One of the best SEO pros in the industry, leads SEER Interactive – love his works, his #RCS ideology in bringing out the best of your marketing campaigns for both online and offline endeavors. Love this quote from him “Remember you didn’t go to college to be a do-follow link builderor an ‘awesome comment spammer’ right?” – RCS live example

7. Dan Petrovic – The mastermind behind Dejan SEO. I admire his knowledge and expertise that he and DejanSEO shared to the industry. Absolutely noteworthy and must-follow influencer.

8. The team that I have on SEOteky – Of course, it always inspires me when I get to sit next to these people and share 8-12 hours of my day with them.  They influenced me to work harder, strive harder and be more responsible as we all grow together. 

9. The people of SEO ORG Philippines – Sir Ed P, Zaldy, Kit, Carlo, Brian, Tyrone, Eli, Anne, Sheila, AJ, Ester, Geromme, Yuri, Mark Acsay III, Cell, Honey, Gary Lacanilao, Alvin Dimla, KB, Ron Leyba, Sean Si and all those names.

10. The people in the international scene – Pak Hou Cheng, Wayne Baker, Mike Arnensen, Carson Ward, James Agate, Ben Beck, Patrick McKeown, Jim Watson, Mike Essex, Cyrus Shepard, Ian Laurie, Ethan Lyon, Adria Saracino, Michael Kovis etc.




Meeting people that can influence your work means a lot. These people help me become a better person and a better SEO everyday. It always boils down to the fact that when you have the right people in your circle and you know how to hustle – you’ll be on the right direction.

Thank you so much for being a great influence to my work. Saturday will be my 1st day again – being that SEO that you guys all expect.

P.S. I just hope that I didn’t forget anyone. :D


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Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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18 Responses to 10 SEO Influencers That Changed My Life & Made Me Become a Better SEO

  1. Geromme says:

    Nice. More power my friend :)

  2. I’m smiling my face off right now, it’s such an honor to be included in this list! This means a lot to me so thank you thank you thank you. I’m sure you’ll do great at the MORCon 2012, and I’ll be looking forward to your presentation and/or a video!!
    Gisele Navarro Mendez recently posted..Leveraging communities: Missed opportunities in search and social

    • SEOteky says:

      Super thanks Gisele! We only know each other for almost a month. But the way you engage, the way you care about my work – so authentic. It means a lot to me :) Appreciate your presence, now I can’t go slacking because Gisele is watching me.

  3. Yo Jayson! Thanks for sharing your gratitude. It’s always nice to know when one is appreciated. Thanks to you too, Jayson. When you have shared my stuff, it makes me want to write more and be a better writer.

    Congrats on the MORCon! Kill it!
    Tyson Stevens recently posted..Should I Accept Guest Bloggers? Answered, kinda’

  4. Benj Arriola says:

    I see the link going to SEO.org.ph for answer questions and looks like it is going to an internal search result within the forum. And I think the forum uses a “POST” method in the search form and not a “GET” method, so you cannot really link to a search result in the forum. Maybe a Google query might do better, like: https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aseo.org.ph+benj+arriola

    Benj Arriola recently posted..IMI is Presenting at Digital World Expo 2012 in Las Vegas

  5. Wayne Barker says:

    Hey Jayson,

    First off – thanks for including me in this list…
    Secondly- its nice to see a list like this that has been out together genuinely rather than to stroke the ego of the people featured in the vain hope of getting social mentions or links.

    Keep up the great work mate!!

  6. Good list Jayson! I find the list as a deck of cards that no one can beat.
    Arwin Adriano recently posted..7 Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

  7. Darrel says:

    I love the Benj Arriola part. lol

  8. Such an interesting post you have here my friend. SEO really has a big impact on how search engine marketers work and right now their are a lot of changes in the SEO industry and the best practices that these influencers have taught us made us what we are today.

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      And these influencers continue to add value in our lives. Just like what I do, and what you do Sir :) we can also become influencers to other people.

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