3 Inbound Marketing Strategies That I Learned from SEER Interactive

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Last night was again an amazing night for everybody who was able to catch SEER Interactive Q&A on Google+. A superb 1 hour question and answer session backed by one of the best agency in the industry – SEER. So let me give these people a shout out first!

Thanks to Wil Reynolds, Ethan Lyon and Alisa Scharf for answering some of my questions related to bingo and guest posting initiatives.


If not make it happen, this is what I always tell to my team. Don’t be just another SEO or link builder who walk past this industry. Strive harder and be more creative, if you think that this #RCS idea of yours would work – then tell me, let’s make it happen. Just like what Wil Reynolds told me In the SEER Interactive Q&A when I asked about link building for bingo related site. He advise to do some #RCS for the client like offer a free bingo game for free, old, gay people and the long list of bingo niche.

He showed me some bingo nights for charities (Google Query)

gay bingo google

Sweet – We Made It Happen

I love #RCS, we have done this last week. We made a sponsorship with Adamson U Computer Science Community for their general assembly. We gave away prizes and goodies for college students and what did we get?

  • A relationship that will last with an educational institution
  • A chance to return a favor to my alma mater Adamson University
  • A never ending recognition from the community of the school.
  • A bragging right that our logo is next to Microsoft and Accenture
  • A backlink from an edu related domain

Now that is #RCS, we made it happen!


2. What I learned in Guest Posting from SEER Interactive

Of course, this SEER Interactive Q&A wouldn’t be finished without me asking about Guest Posting. I always want to improve our guest posting campaign and this is the perfect opportunity to ask the best people in doing it.

There are blog niches that seem to be more monetized than othersAlisa Scharf of SEER Interactive pointed out mommy bloggers who demand for money that we don’t have to offer.

  • Knowing your product X and O’s is always important before making any plan.
  • The Demographic of your product is important. Know who and who else might be interested on your product. This will allow you to widen your outreach and pickup guest post opportunities from other niche.
  • <Thinking of a title> How Online Bingo Players Could Stay Healthy While Enjoying the Game to be pitched for health related blogs.
  • Relationship is always important because your friends are less likely to request for compensation than a stranger who walks in and ask for a guest post opportunity. So as influence, if you are someone who has that Brad Pitt with Jesus Abs type of personality in your niche. It’s easier to convince people to allow you contribute to their site.
  • Tap into greater heights. If you can pitch something useful to teachers, charities and organizations then do it.

3.  Content Creation & Marketing

google adwords keyword tool

  • Setup Google Alerts – Know from what places do your target customer can come from and write content that are specifically tailored for your audience.


We SEO’s should make it happen

SEO’s should stop thinking of ways how they can take advantage and manipulate search engines. Instead spend time on thinking of useful ways to promote the product and services of their client. Improve how your brand engages to your customers, kill that “SELL MODE” mentality and connect with people of same interest. Ask them how you can improve your product and services. Learn how to improve your client relationship. Real Company Stuff works, Let’s make it happen!


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Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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2 Responses to 3 Inbound Marketing Strategies That I Learned from SEER Interactive

  1. Wil Reynolds says:

    Glad you enjoyed it buddy, more importantly glad you got something out of it!! We will do these every month, with PPC/Analytics jumping in every other time.
    Wil Reynolds recently posted..Competitive Analysis Tips & Tools

    • SEOteky says:

      Thank you Wil! I always look up to you and to your work; you will always be one of my greatest influence and inspiration. The work and contribution of SEER Interactive in the search industry is indeed remarkable and unmatched by any! Hoping that one day, SEER – Ben Beck, Ethan, You and others can visit us here in Manila. We, Jason Acidre and the SEO community will all be stunned if you invade our home town :)

      P.S. Don’t forget to put Jon Cooper inside your bag. LOL

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