6 Do-Able Link Prospect Research Methods

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Link building is one the most tedious thing to work on as an SEO. And it all starts with prospecting, otherwise known as competitor research (General term in marketing). I handled bloody link building tasks before and pushed several campaigns that worked for certain internet marketing requirement. Prospecting should always be an open approach, anyone in the SEO or linking team should do link prospecting on their own way and be comfortable doing this research. But being comfortable is different from wasting time sniffing all the linking opportunities that an SEO could have.



So why waste time researching for links? Here are some of the things that we do in seoteky to collect tons of link prospect for our SEO campaigns. We were able to collect as much as linking opportunity that are niche related, high quality blogs and relevant website related to a particular business niche.

Do-Able#1: Google Advance Search Operators

An SEO must know how to utilize Google at its full. Advance Search Operators allow you to dictate Google search result and gives you what you need. All you need to do is mix up this google search advance operators on doing google search for your link prospects.

link:www.competitorwebsite.com – Know your competitor backlinks on google by using this advance operator on your search query. You can also use the yahoo site explorer to discover your backlinks in that counts for yahoo.

inurl:.blog intext:healthy diet – This advance search operator will output all blogs, blog entries that has a text healthy diet on the post. This is useful for targeting relevant industry blogs as a linking opportunity for your site.

inurl:.blog “guest post” – Search for guest posting opportunities and spread your good content in your related industry blogs. Create a link bait-able content and drive traffic to your site.

and the long list of Google advance operators goes on. We also blogged about how to collect directories for directory submission.

Do-Able#2: Google Alerts

Google alerts allows you to detect content change and notify you by an update list sent to your mail. Be updated of the latest publications in your related industry. Enroll your email on google alerts and use it as an opportunity to grab a link. Know your next topic for your blog or what your competitors are writing about. Also try yahoo alerts to widen your reach.

Do-Able#3: Utilize the best industry tools out there

This one might cost you some money in your pocket but could help you a lot on doing link prospecting. Utilizing SEO software to help you on this endeavor could lead to less time, less resource consumption and efficiency.

Opensite Explorer from SEOmoz.org, one of my favorite SEO tool out there. Research for link prospects, targeted anchor texts, trust influence of a link, tweets, likes, google+ hits and more. This all in one SEO software is really one of its kind and the PRO membership is really worth every penny that you have spent since it offers more link prospecting tool such as juicy link finder and link acquisition assistant.

Keyword Spy from keywordSpy. I love using this tool on analyzing market share for your website. Discover who is spending big time in paid ads and see what keywords are they targeting. I also use this one because of its data presentation that i can use on presenting collective data on document.

Backlinkwatch from backlinkwatch.com. Collect thousand of backlinks that helps your competitor and use them to your own advantage.

Do-Able#4: Link Sniffing

You’re not the only one doing link building. Go to a prone area where link building happens and follow the tracks of your competitor. How to do this? I do this often on blog comments and link directories such as blog rolls. The trick here is simple enough that most of SEO’s miss this.

1. When you do blog commenting or any linking, see to it that you scan the page for competitors. Scan for relevant anchor texts and links that can help you identify your competitors who also go heavy on organic SEO.

2. When you see other people doing what you suppose to do click their link and follow their tracks by doing some of the mentioned do-able link prospect research methods.

Do-Able#5: Maximize Twitter

Twitter’s huge network  is a haven for niche bloggers. Almost every bloggers have their own twitter and sync their latest posts in twitter. All you need is to find them by utilizing twitter tools.

TweetBeep – Same function to Google Alerts, this tool alerts you the latest mentions and replies involving your target phrase.

Follower Wonk – Research for niche twitter accounts and connect with them for links.

Do-Able#6: Connect & Collect

Connect with real people that is related to your industry and collect their contact details. Be proactive and be real on building your online reputation. These people are also your link prospects. There is no magic in here, all you have to do is be real and be the brand that you want. Beside google is leaning towards authorship. Indeed its the perfect time to build your connections through blogging. Widen your connection by reading and connecting to relevant blogs.


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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7 Responses to 6 Do-Able Link Prospect Research Methods

  1. Jason says:

    I have this new link prospecting method that I really enjoy using – Stumbleupon :)

    It can return exceptional content from both authority and emerging sites on any industry, and can definitely help improve your list with out-of-the-box prospects (works great especially in finding link opportunities that most of your competitors haven’t found yet – most of the time).
    Jason recently posted..jasonacidre: How to Train a Link Builder http://t.co/zTRqRfb via @SEOmoz

  2. Jason you are right, It’s give more stuff. Thanks for giving a best information.

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