70 Ways To Find Guest Posting Opportunities Using Google

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Have you ever been tasked to work on collecting guest posting link prospects? Fuck those people who still rely on submitting their content on article submissions sites. Grow up, step it up! Guest posting is one great way to establish your online presence and connect with people relevant to your business niche – the so called influencers. By doing this, you are helping influencers to have the quality content that they have been wanting to write. Since many of them are busy and often can’t handle the demand of writing blog entries. You can email this people and ask them if you can pitch a guest blog post.

Add the fact that Google is adding more value on freshness factor and quality content. Many influencers will need some help in order to increase this freshness thingy.

Always remember, search engine optimization is for quality – forget quantity, fuck those numbers! Don’t waste your resources by writing articles, contacting tons of blogs that doesn’t have the juice that you are looking for. Link prospecting is the biggest key on finding qualified blogs for your campaign. Collect those prospects and be more efficient on your guest posting campaign.

Today, I will share to you my list of Google Advance Search Operators that I love to use in collecting guest blogging opportunities. All you need to do is just add your keyword with these queries and viola!

  1. guest post
  2. “guest post”
  3. “about the author”
  4. “write for us”
  5. “blog for us”
  6. “guest blog for us”
  7. “guest blogger”
  8. guest blogger
  9. guest contributor
  10. “guest contributor”
  11. “this is a guest post”
  12. intitle:contributor
  13. inurl:contributor
  14. intitle:guest
  15. inurl:guest
  16. intitle:”guest post”
  17. inurl:”guest post”
  18. intitle:”write for us”
  19. inurl:”write for us”
  20. suggest a guest post
  21. submit a guest post
  22. add a guest article
  23. submit a guest article
  24. contribute
  25. contribute an article
  26. looking for guest bloggers
  27. looking for contributors
  28. guest blog for us
  29. write for us
  30. submission guidelines
  31. guest writer faq
  32. “Guest blogging guidelines”
  33. inurl:guest-blog
  34. inurl:guest-post
  35. inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  36. inurl:write-for-us
  37. inpostauthor:”guest author” keyword
  38. inpostauthor:guest keyword
  39. “Add Articles”  
  40. “Add Guest Post”
  41. “Submit Guest Post” 
  42. “Guest Bloggers Wanted” 
  43. “Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”     
  44. “Become a Contributor”
  45. “Contribute to our Site”  
  46. “Become a Guest Writer” 
  47. “This guest post was written”   
  48. “This guest post is from”  
  49. “Now Accepting Guest Posts”  
  50. “The following guest post”
  51. “Guest Blogging Spot”
  52. ”Become a Guest Blogger”
  53. “Want to Write for”
  54. ”Contribute”
  55. ”Submit News”
  56. ”Suggest a Post”
  57.  “Become an Author”
  58. ”Become a Contributor”
  59. “Become a guest author”
  60. ”Guest post by”
  61. ”Guest Contributor”
  62. “This is a guest article”
  63. inurl:profiles/blog/new
  64. list of sites that accept guest posts
  65. “Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
  66.  “Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
  67. List of websites that accept guest posts
  68. “We accept guest posts”   
  69. “We accept guest blogs”
  70. “we accept contributors”

Credits to this people who put on their lists:

500 places to syndicate your content from BuzzBlogger

How limiting your Google queries makes you a better link prospector by Garrett French on SEWatch

30 Ways you can earn more guest posts squeeze more value out of them by James Agate, SkyRocketSEO.co.uk

Guest posting is not just another spammy method that SEO and link builders can use or should I say abuse.  Google will be the judge if your content adds value to your site. It’s the readers of the blog where you submitted your guest post will be the one sharing your article in the social community. Write low quality posts, waste your time reaching out to people, waste your money for sponsored guest posts, abuse your anchor texts and throw away your resources. Get punished by the Zoo party of Google – Panda and Penguin and get lost.

Bonus Round – Guest Posting Tools that I love:

Guest Post Links? Find them via Twitter by Ethan Lyon of SEER Interactive.

ScrapeBox Scraping to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities – SEODoctorUK

Google Blog Search – Google.com

CountingTweets – See which post is being twitted on a page, start your outreach by understanding your target blog.


baby on the zoo – An infographic by the team at SEOTeky

Embed baby on the zoo on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below

Image credit – LucBlup


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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9 Responses to 70 Ways To Find Guest Posting Opportunities Using Google

  1. Hugo says:

    Thanks for mention of my post on influencers and great job on this post! You’ve provides some great resources here (ex: I’d never heard of countingtweets.com).
    Hugo recently posted..Are you leaving money on the paid search table?

    • Jayson says:

      I love the influencer strategy post Hugo :) CountingTweets, saw that from one of the masters – Justin Briggs. It use Topsy API, but it can really help you a lot on mailing blog prospects since it provides you quick hint on which posts are popular from the target blog.

  2. Great work, Jayson. I was not aware of few resources pointed out in the post. Also came across some search operators which i didn’t know.
    George Miller recently posted..Why Is There Such A Panic Regarding SEO Services?

  3. Aditi Datta says:

    Yes, I like Guest Post and I think it is very important too. I like the concept that you have provided. I really do appreciate all the 70 ways that you have highlighted for finding a guest post. This post is really very informative and a great help for all the guest bloggers. Thanks a lot.

  4. Another great article Jason, one of my task in my job is to look for link prospects and what you had shared to us was a good tips to people who wants to build quality links.

    Do you submit links to social bookmarking sites? Do you advise it or not?

    For discussion purpose, If you have PR 4 site will you link to PR 3 or lower thru guest post or not? If yes or no, please explain why .



    • SEOteky says:

      Thanks Otep, appreciate your questions man :)

      First, Social Bookmarking – Probably yes, but not the shady method like creating tons of garbage accounts and bookmarking the hell out of your URL. I’m already a graduate of that. And that is against my “going white” mission :)

      If you have PR 4 site will you link to PR 3 or lower thru guest post or not? If yes or no, please explain why .

      I answer it YES, a link is a link, having brand mentions and nofollow links plus low PR links is always a good signal on balancing your linking efforts. Remember you need to balance your link profiles in order to make it appear more natural. If your site will only have links on higher PR sites only, dofollow links only, exact match anchor texts only – then you are trying to kill yourself :) Just keep up with some simple metrics on choosing PR3 or lower sites, like domain authority score, social influence and reach plus readership.

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