Breaking News: Guest Blogging is Dead

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Nadah, Nadah, Nadah… <Insert long conversation here>

Google made big changes last year and we all know that it will keep on coming. Many link builders were shaken by the Penguin, Panda and EMD updates because of one simple reason— believing that they can control Google search results and make their client look like Brad Pitt with Jesus abs on top of every keywords that they want. And then they suddenly woke up, as Google slapped them square in the face.

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Guest Blogging Is the New Article Submission

Yes, there are blogs that accept guest blogs ala article directory submission style. Just register for an account and post your guest blogs. Just follow the rules for posting content, submit it for “review”, and it will be a live piece of crap. <Ring a bell> anything that is not moderated is low quality stuff. Let’s face it! Link builders want links, that’s why they appreciate sites like this. As long as there are sites who accept content because they are lazy and can’t write, the crappy coco will always be there.

Google can see you. The wrath is near on these low quality guest blog sites. You don’t want your hard-earned link on low quality sites, neither your content nor your client site. If your process is the same as ours—focused on producing high quality guest blogging work—then you will make it through the pangs of Google.

Guest Blogging to Rank for Keywords

For so long, this has been the mentality for many people who engage in link building, “Insert keyword here”, “Anchor text goes here”. This is a critical error in any link building method, even if you hide yourself in guest blogging colors. Anchor text diversity is a critical part of your linking campaign. 

  • Focus on developing content assets on your client site that you can link into when doing guest blogs. Link relevance is important. Linking to product pages is always a no-no when doing guest posting.
  • How does your guest blogging drive traffic to your site? Improve your call-to-action (CTA) texts.
  • Diversify your anchor texts on your author byline. Refrain from using one author byline only.
  • Focus on quality and not quantity

Check your keyword diversity using Ahrefs just to be sure that you are on the right track.


Guest Blogging: 500 to 700 words Content Should Do the Trick

How can someone measure the length of content when they need to write awesome stuff for people’s use? There’s no specific length of content in guest blogs; though there are blogs who would require you to have X to X number of words only. There are blogs who would appreciate concise, useful stuffs, rather than lengthy and nonsense crap..

“Great content can’t be scaled. Sure, mediocre content can, but it’s virtually worthless,” as  Link Building Superstar Jon Cooper mentioned on his blog post, “Content Scalability”.

Don’t you ever get tired of producing just a plain, run-of-the-mill content, when you can write high quality stuffs? Here are some helpful ideas to generate that first-rate content:

Submit It, Then Move On

The problem here is that link builders make guest blogging their only strategy. Guest blogging is just a tactic; if you can’t hear me then get lost! Guest blogging works well when you know what other tactics to include on it. We all strategize and determine which stuff should work well for our campaign.

Here are other tactics that you can combine to Guest Blogging:

1. A blog comment works well before and after your guest blog gets published.
2. Infographics work well in guest blogging.
3. Internal linking always works well for guest blogs. Linking to contents that the blog already has and relevant to your contribution is good—and increases the chances of getting your post approved, too.
4. Linking to your post from other guest blog posts that you have can add good value.
5. Trade guest blogs, you can always do this thing if you have your own blog.
6. Don’t just guest blog, take advantage of the relationship that you were able to open with the blog owner and the readers. Turn them into links.
7. Look for broken links.
8. If his or her logo needs rework, consider offering some help.
9. Do quick SEO audit for free, you definitely know your stuff. There are sites out there that can help you do a quick free SEO audit. First is your SEO instinct, next is
10. If he or she doesn’t have an authorship markup configured, offer help— you might get that link.

Guest Blogging is Dead— You Killed It

There are people who believe that Guest Blogging will soon be dead because of the upsurge of low quality content published by low quality blogs. Like what I said above, it has become the new article directory arena. Just like low quality infographics that present nothing but ‘dumb and common information’ and ‘short statistical proof’ that has been noted by Matt Cutts. Low quality guest blogs present nothing but recycled, rehashed, and rewritten content from other people’s work. What do you expect?

It’s easy to see:

1. Stubborn blog owners can’t afford time to write; bloggers will be the first victim of Google’s swing on low quality content. They accept guest blogs and let other people create an account on their site and then their site becomes a farm of low quality content and outbound links.

2. Paid guest blogging is an obvious kill. For blogs who publicly post WE ACCEPT GUEST BLOGS FOR DOLLARS. Or you need to pay $$$ for quick review of your posts is an easy target and can be considered as paid linking scheme.

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3. Low quality content is an obvious kill. The same content from other websites, salvaged and repeated anchor texts inside the author byline could get you in trouble.

In Summary

Guest blogging will never be dead. It’s a form of content marketing and content will always be the most important part of the internet. There are just SEO and link builders who are giving guest blogging a bad name. If you are one of them, be warned! For bloggers, get real – you know when a content is useful for your readers. It’s easy to detect if someone just want links from your site. Content marketing is all about adding value through the use of content. Don’t be an ass because you know you can.

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Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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12 Responses to Breaking News: Guest Blogging is Dead

  1. prem says:


    I am a newbie blogger and I have been accepting few guest posts for last 2 months.
    Though i have rejected many low quality posts but this article has really opened my eyes. I will now focus more writing on my own niche. Can you suggest what is ideal ratio of self written to guest post?
    prem recently posted..[Infographic] Should You Move To WordPress (Self-hosted) Now?

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Hello Prem, thanks for asking :) Glad that the article was able to add more valuable stuff to your knowledge. Now on your question, I believe that there’s no specific math for guest blogs and self written post on a blog. As long as the guest blogger can add value to my readers, Ill accept the post.

      Many blogs use content calendar to manage guest posts and self written post. Even if you have approved 10 guest blogs today, Its not necessary to publish it right away, schedule the post using a content calendar. There are guest blogs that takes 20 to 30 days before it get published. For guest bloggers, patience is always a virtue.

  2. Dave Chi says:

    Through years and years in online marketing, great content will always be king!
    Dave Chi recently posted..Swag Code – January 20th

  3. Even i have seen some of the blog having article submission format for the guest post submission. So, guest posting is dead only to the blogs accepting crappy content and not having own quality content frequently. That was the relief when i read whole post as guest posting is the only link building area for the SEO’s to relay on.
    Darshan Beloshe recently posted..What SEO link builders should do in 2013

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Just like infographics that is short of data and quality. Guest blogs will also be dead if people continue to abuse it. Thanks Darshan!

  4. Al Sefati says:

    I don’t know if I agree this article is a bit extreme. SEO is changing a lot and people who don’t have the bigger picture of SEO strategy will end up losing.

    Matt Cutts in a video himself said guest blogging is OK from high reputable sites every now and then, but when a website gets 10+ links a month with targetted keywords each month, something is wrong with that picture.

    Diversifying is still the key. Guest blogs every now and then will still work. Google is just filtering out n00b SEOs.

    Anyway, thanks for the post.
    Al Sefati recently posted..SEO in 2013: The Year of the Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts… It’s just a wake up call Al for us and for every link builder (n00b as you call it) out there who treat guest blogging like S**T. Diversifying is an important part of any link building tactic. Thanks for mentioning it :)

  5. Ann Smarty says:

    SEO is dead… guest blogging is dead… Don’t get me wrong but those titles are too abused and that’s just wrong to generalize like that. Low-quality guest blogging has always been dead because it’s useless. High quality content will never be dead though…
    Ann Smarty recently posted..MyBlogGuest Free Guest Blogging Plugin Works for Organic Gardening Tips

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      High quality work will always be rewarded! Thanks Ann for dropping by, appreciate your thoughts :)

      The title, I know its “intentionally” written wrong. Just want to emphasize on the fact that Google knows that there are low quality guest blogging happening, just like Infographs that presents zero value information – soon Google will make a move.

  6. Google is really getting strict in terms of ranking web pages this days. So maybe the best choice that we can do is create a quality content and let it do the job itself. Thanks for this article, I really guest blogging will still be effective like before..
    Jan Christian recently posted..3 Unconventional Methods for .Edu Backlinks

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