Case Studies: SEOteky Expertise

Here are some of our untold stories on how we helped our clients achieve the success they wanted. Get an inside look on how we are able to add value to these business and turned things around as we work with them.

Case Study #1: RCS at SEOteky


Event Sponsorship, we sponsored an event of a Adamson University last September and had so much fun helping them in their event. Donated some cool stuffs for students and resulted to a partnership between the Adamson CompSci and SEOteky.

Free SEO Seminar for Universities, a free SEO seminar for Universities to help students learn Search Engine Optimization and Link Building (Invite me). SEO is not a regular part of many colleges and universities in Philippines and this offer should open the gates for many students to earn money even while they are on studying.

Public Speaking, we speak last October in SEO Philippines conference and shared our expertise in one of our powerful tactic, guest blogging.

Where’s Success?

Adding value is the most important part of marketing yourself in the internet. When you commit yourself to help other people, you know that you will get something good in return (Even without asking). “Don’t be an ass because you can” 

Case Study #2: Finance SEO Case Study

binary options

Technical SEO Audit, from useless SEO stuffs that could lead to bad signals on search engines, we hustle to change many of these useless stuffs in order to optimize the site for usability and that pass webmaster standards.

  • Site Architecture and Navigation
  • Usability: Page Speed and CTA Buttons
  • Balanced Keyword Density (As much as possible)
  • Eliminated Duplicate Pages and Meta Details.
  • Removed heavy affiliate ads on top of the site.
  • Google Authorship, Snippet Optimization

Link Consolidation, knowing all the current links that the site has is important in order to build a link building plan that works. We define the good and the bad links that the website has and plan out our link building campaign for the site.

Link Pruning + Link Removal, We also conducted heavy link pruning effort in order to get rid of the bad links that the site has. Manually contacting webmasters to remove those links that doesn’t help the site.

Where’s success?

Increased the volume of traffic and pushed it from Google search results of 3rd page #27 to 1st page #2 for keyword binary options.

Case Study #3: Increase Audience Reach For A Well Known Brand

martin lindstrom

Martin Lindstromm a Danish branding expert and author of best selling books BUY-OLOGY and brandwashed. He is also included in 1 of 100 most influential people as honored by Time Magazine in 2009.

Targeted Guest Blogging Campaign, we increase the coverage of Martin Lindstrom through solid guest blogging campaigns and position Martin Lindstrom to places where his expertise is needed.

Conversation Marketing, Increase in traffic referrals out from good conversations. We make sure that we won’t miss conversations that involve branding and his books. Being there at the moment people started talking about your business is an essential part of being successful on internet marketing.

Where’s success?

Increase audience reach and able to explore new channels for Martin Lindstrom.

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