Cheap SEO Services? Just Say No!

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I’ve been on this Internet Marketing services industry for 3 years now. I had a chance to be part of a big time SEO company in US. I’ve been an SEO Director for an iPhone app development company, met different SEO professionals in the country and bloggers.

Let’s be honest, internet marketing industry has lots of money to offer. From blogging and adsense to consulting SEO, PPC and Social Media. I have my own in-house SEO brand now and been getting a lot of inquiries about my services offered lately. Last week I received an email and skype message from a California based SEO dope telling me his offer

I got a low budgeted client looking for an SEO, 200$.. would you like to have this project? This is only the start. I have many more clients to give you

and a skype message from another.


and my response was

hell no

Full SEO service in California are best priced at 2000$ to 4000$. The SEO company where I worked on my early days as an SEO charge like that. These dudes want to outsource their work and just pay you 200$ or 300$, that is BS stuff! This is a wake up call for many Filipino SEO workers out there who lower their price heads just not to miss the opportunity of pocketing client’s money. If you really know marketing, there is no such thing as 200$ SEO Service for a month. That is a slap in our face. Even if this client gives me 10 clients within a month, there is no way that I will ditch my self for 200$ and tons of link building requirements. And I don’t do SEO for links. I do SEO for my client’s success.

I made this post upon reading Aaron Wall’s personal experience about a 75$/hr consulting crap. Wherein I shared this cheapy SEO offer on his Google+ post and he also shared his recent encounter with a cheappy customer.

aaron wall

Aaron made me understand that we should not work for people who comes to our front door to ask for help and straight ahead ask for discount. I know someone who owns a web hosting company and he was asking me if i do FREE Consultation or SEO for an exchange of 1 year domain name and hosting. All I told him is to read notes from SEO.ORG.PH or join in SEOMOZ.

I’m not playing to be the selfish guy here. I conduct SEO seminar in Universities for free. I’ve been mentoring 2 newbies in the Industry. All I’m saying is that if you want marketing at its best! You know what is the best price offer for it!

If he doesn’t have a Dollar for dealing with something that important then he deserves to fail. -Aaron Wall, SEOBOOK


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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10 Responses to Cheap SEO Services? Just Say No!

  1. Skiper says:

    That’s where outsourcing takes place
    You get a job for $500 and hire 1 person for $100, that’s easy $400 income. cool huh :)

    • bags says:

      Yup that might be wise but the question is, would someone accept it? (Is that fair enough?) Knowing that the price of the project is 500$ and you are just paying him 100$. A California SEO company inquired to us, asking if 200$ is workable for a full SEO service, we didn’t accepted it. I suppose you have read my reasons:) I support the goal of Jason Acidre, KaisertheSage – It is to raise the SEO profession into a different level. A respect wherein Filipino SEO’s are cannot be compared to India workforce anymore. A label that you can place beside the names of Rand Fishkin, Tom Critchlow, Aaron Wall, Todd Malicoat, Jim Boykins and list goes long.

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  3. SEO plays a big role in today’s technology. Indeed, I could say that not all people is aware of this. and other countries would just take take advantage of this. they paid us a very low price but then they get more on themselves.

  4. I agree. Just look at,, and other online job freelancing sites. Most of the clients are taking advantage of the cheap SEO services our kababayans offer. But still, Indians can go as close as free just to get the client. By the way I look at it, it sucks. It also saddens me seeing world-class Filipino SEO talent being underpaid.

    Link building, for example, is not just a job. It is passion. It is commitment and a real full-time job. It deserves a higher pay than all of us usually expect.

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  6. David says:

    I agree with Jayson. Why should American Seo companies be enabled to resell outsourced services at 10 times the cost. They want to charge $100 an hour and outsource at $5 an hour. Other countries are just enabling us to live our extravagant lives while they live meager lives barley making it. Just wait until the us dollar looses all its value, we will eventually have to pay a lot more for everything.

    • Jayson says:

      Appreciate your words David :) Yeah, when people from other countries outsource in Philippines. The primary reason is that paying people here is 10x less than other. To the point that services become cheaper and cheaper until we (SEO) get only bananas for optimization. And that’s what we don’t want to happen. People outsource to us because we can deliver – That’s it! (Same reason why people pay us)
      Jayson recently posted..Link Building Tips

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