Easy Link Wins – How I Got a PR4 Backlink in 5 Minutes

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Many link builders always have their plan of attack in building links. Many talk about building great content and marketing it. Others talk about experiments that helped them put their strategies into test. Some devised plans to go with Google updates – panda and penguin. Heard this, that, been there, done that.

I saw this twit from Nikko Marasigan


And I have come up with an idea to acquire easy win links by helping other people get their rich snippet authorship markup.

I used this one on acquiring a PR4 link from one Filipino freelance web designer / developer. He is actually my classmate during college days in Adamson U. 


First thing that you need to do is to identify blogs that doesn’t have rich snippet authorship markup.

Scouting Link Prospects

TIP: Start on your circle, start with your fellow SEO’s and bloggers and identify if they have rich snippet implemented on their blogs. It’s easier to connect with people that you know and know you “you don’t need to become a stranger” Plus it’s not that hard to get a link or two when you are able to help them. Else collect list of topic specific, or list of blogs and go through it one by one. 

top blogs

Link Prospect Master Sheet

Grab the list and paste it on your excel sheet. For example, I grabbed the number 2 result list and saved it on an excel sheet.

prospect list

I collected the name of the blogger, email and the URL where I find his or her blog listed. I also saved the URL that I used tested on the Rich Snippet Testing Tool for reference.

Connect To Your Target

Write an email to the blog author, be real. Introduce yourself, how you find his or her blog, how you noticed that he or she is not using authorship markup. Talk about the value of authorship markup on a brief way; assume that not all bloggers can understand your language so you can explain it on a way that they wouldn’t think that it’s just a waste of time.

Via chat (This is a chat conversation on Facebook with Sherwin, my college friend)

Me: Hello, I notice that you are not using rich snippet on your website

Target: What is that?

Me: Have you notice picture of authors in Google Result Pages (http://bit.ly/M27IjW)

Target: I’ve been seeing that, but never had time to configure it

Me: Want me to help you configure it? I can help you on that

Target:  Really? How much do I pay you?

Me: It’s free! Just give me an admin login on your website so I can fix it.

Target: Okay Just a sec

Me: Ok.cool

::::After the fixes::::

Target: Hey Jayson, I can see the rich snippet now, lovely! Thank you, I have added you on my blogroll. Appreciate your help!

NOTE: It’s easier to connect with people who are in your circle. A facebook or skype chat might do the trick :)

Via Email

Hello (Target Name),

How are you? I’m Jayson Bagio from SEOteky.com, an SEO consultant from Manila. I notice that your blog is missing one good factor that I believe can help you drive more traffic and clicks – Rich Snippet, or the so called Google Authorship Markup. Many blogs are using this one because it helps improve clicks on your Google Snippet. (Show a screenshot of your blogs rich snippet)

my snippet

If you want to, I can help you get the authorship markup on your blog.

Sweet isn’t it?


The critical part: Asking for an admin level login of the website. Of course not all people can trust you that quick. So this is why you want to establish your own name first and convince them that you have good intentions. This is also the reason why I start it from my circle first before going out and fishin.

The Fixes – Implementing Rich Snippet

Things to remember: Backup everything before making any changes, usually this task involves changes in header.php, functions.php, single-post.php for wordpress. If you can master the installation of Rich Snippet on blogs and website, then you can do this on 5 to 10 minutes only.

After Fixing It & Getting the Result

Don’t ask for a link. Remember relationship is far better than a link, if you done this the right way then this blogger or website owner will definitely talk about how you help him or her on having authorship markup fixed on his website. Will blog about you and might even give you a blogroll link.

friendly link

 That’s it!

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Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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19 Responses to Easy Link Wins – How I Got a PR4 Backlink in 5 Minutes

  1. That was a very humble act from you Jayson. I have had notice that I haven’t have that snippet with my blog and I think I should start including it with mine.
    Arwin Adriano recently posted..Get The Most Out of Twitter During Event Conferences

    • SEOteky says:

      Thanks Arwin, just give me a word if you need help. Rich snippet indeed is a good way to attract people click on your SERP :)

  2. Regie Bueno says:

    Hi Jayson, this is my first comment on your site. I saw this post via twitter and I was really interested on implementing the authorship on my blog as well.
    While testing my blog the author page returns successful but some pages are not. Any thoughts about it sir?
    Regie Bueno recently posted..Fairy Tail Movie: Priestess of the Phoenix

    • SEOteky says:

      The note from the Webmaster Tools might explain your problem It says “Note that there is no guarantee that a Rich Snippet will be shown for this page on actual search results.” so they don’t guarantee that rich snippet will show everytime:)

  3. Hi Jayson,

    I think this is a great idea. Helping someone get authorship on their blog is a great way to build a relationship. I think with most people, even online acquaintances, would be hesitant to give admin access to their blog. However, authorship is now easy enough to implement that I think simply walking them through the process via email would be sufficient enough to help them get the job done.

    A simple act of kindness like this goes a long way to starting a relationship.
    Anthony D. Nelson recently posted..Guest Blog Where You Don’t Belong: Find Links From Outside Your Niche

    • SEOteky says:

      Thanks Anthony. Indeed helping others and giving them something “tangible” in return of nothing is absolutely fantastic. You can build relationship with other people and could lead to good things :)

  4. hi jayson, any SEO recommendations for http://tagalogonlinepocketbook.com ?

    i know, putting a some sort of splash is not a good idea but nonetheless, im ready for the bashing, hehe


  5. Slava says:

    Dude, that’s not 5 minutes. The title is misleading.

    • SEOteky says:

      Thanks for dropping by Slava, I said it 5 minutes because I can have your rich snippet setup in 5 to 10 minutes. Now does it automatically give you a link? No. Good relationship is far better than a link :) but someone gave me a link because of that 5 minute help that I gave to him. This is a real life link building strategy, not just another submission that everyone does in 1-2-3…

  6. Brett says:

    Thanks for this article SEOteky. Although it would take me a little longer than 5 minute, I think it is a great technique and I am very interested in giving it a try.

    • SEOteky says:

      Hahaha, thanks Brett for dropping by. Just start from your inner circle, friends, blogger, etc.. And master all the different methods on installing rich snippet :)

      P.S. Brett grab a Gravatar, that helps a lot on persona link building :P

  7. Hey Jayson, thanks for sharing this one!

    Actually, I asked Nikko to teach me how… LOL!

    Sadly, I don’t use WordPress SEO by Yoast because of a little issue I have (like my title was repeated twice).

    I wonder if I can still implement this one without having to use WP SEO by Yoast. I hope there’s some workaround for this. :)
    Tristan @ Virtual SEO Assistant recently posted..Glasses for Freelancers from Firmoo

  8. Tom Andrews says:

    Yes a very good tactic, very kind to share :-)

    Google authorship going to be a big help to those with the time and or talent for writing…

  9. berap says:

    Good Tactic! First time to hear this. thanks for the share!

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