Facebook, Caught For Malicious Defamation – Google Is The Target!

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I picked up this news from technobuffalo and was shocked about this smear campaign that facebook is pushing through against Google. Facebook contacted the giant PR firm, Burson-Marsteller to release anti privacy obloquy on the big G – Google. The releases will hit newspapers in the US such as politico, washington post and huffington post.

Google never treated facebook as a competitor, considering that facebook is meant for the so called social media and Google is for search engines

google-streetviewThis is not something new for Google. Google is dealt for privacy issues against Apple Inc. for quite sometime. Google also drove its way on accusations for collecting user information and using it for whatever purpose that they can. Who can forget the Google Map issue, breaking privacy for its streetview capability.

Google has so many issues to handle on their own. A little help from facebook would help but when someone gets out and blow his whistle and points finger – That is bad! Now Facebook messed it up! Read the source email here

So what is inside on this news? Facebook is claiming that Google is violating their terms of service when it uses its meta data “We are concerned that Google may be improperly using data that they have scraped out of facebook users.” – on Buzzfeed

social-search-realtime-googleSo the so called social signal affects organic ranking statement from Google and Bing is being the issue here, search engines are using data from social media users. Google is showing results coming from Twitter and maybe “Facebook” which is not a concern for Twitter at this time,  but a very big issue for Facebook.

They let the tech world know that Facebook is scared enough of what Google’s up to to pull a stunt like this.


There are two questions that needs an answer here:

1. Do Google really steal user data coming from social graphs?

2. Does Facebook has the right to own such user data considering that Facebook users are the one who own this information, not them?


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