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I met a new stud in SEO during the Bataan Bootcamp of SEO Philippines org and he asked me about what campaigns are we doing in Link Building and I was so fascinated about his willingness to learn so much about how we do the trick and started talking about what some of our methodologies but suddenly i stopped and asked him.

“Do you look at your ON PAGE SEO?” And when he gave me a “NO” I smiled and said to him “Well then you should start at the most important thing in Search Engine Optimization, and that is following all the standards in OnPage Optimization inline with your web development before jumping into so much link building.

So here is my favorite OnPage SEO Factor that I always look at before camping for Link Building. Keywords!

Keywords – This factor is the most-valuable search ranking factor that you should dig in. Why?

  • On starting a website, your keyword plays an important role for you to decide on naming your domain name.
  • On URL and Permalink Structures – Keyword should always appear. Utilize hypens-on-writing-your-urls.
  • Keywords in Title Tag – Follow the standard character count of 50 to 60 characters on writing your title tags. Avoid worrying yourself on using stop words like “The, Of, in The, Is etc.
  • Keywords in Description Meta Tag – Though this ranking factor is now seldom used by google on ranking websites. Still your meta description is your 1st line of offense on getting clicks. Since what you write in description is what appears on Snippets and your snippets in Google result page are the ones that your target customer see first. The standard 150 to 170 characters should still be followed and of course you need to inject keywords on your description.


  • Keyword Meta Tag – This basically tells what is the theme of your page and must go hand in hand on your particular content to avoid minuses in line with the relavance issue being penalized by google.
  • H1 and other Header Tags – The heading of your url pages plays an important role on giving weight on your pages. The more relevant your heading tags to the following content or text the more the chance that google ponders on your heading tags
  • Density (Body Text – Post Text) – For a SEO like us, we invoke 5-15% keyword density only in our posts or body text. See your density here
  • Keyword in ALT TEXT – Should describe graphic images since Google doesn’t see whats inside a graphic. (DONT SPAM IT!)
  • Keyword Proximity – We only use 2 or 3 keywords on a post. The first keyword being adjacent to the second.
  • Keyword Prominence – The earlier the (The higher the keyword is positioned) the more value it gets. Utilize strong or bold font text or even use the “quote” to emphasize the keyword. “Strong is treated the same as bold, but you should not worry about” – Matt Cutts on Google Video
  • Linking – Anchor text on External linking and Keywords should perfectly matched, adding some diversity but keeping the main text can be used.

Keyword stuffing has been a topic in the SEO community since 2007 (Avoid keyword stuffing addressed by Matt Cutts). Before starting spreading good news about your site, consider this most important ranking factor first. As this may help you a lot before getting into link building worries.

Matt Cutts talk about keyword META TAG


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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