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Google Penalty Link Pruning and Removal

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It is on, the demand for quality websites just become more and more a requirement for many businesses online. Google is stepping up their game to bring down web spam. If you are doing link building like you will run out of link opportunities and without a particular strategy, then your business might got sucked in by Google anytime.

Google can make you pay

google link spam

Prevention is better than cure

Fear no Penguin, we can help you audit all your link sources and profile them according to it’s worth. We can pin point which link can harm your website and manually ask the webmaster to remove the link for good reasons. Google penguin has cracked down many legit businesses due to link spam. If you’re website got hit by this penalty, then you are going to have a long road to recovery. Get help today!

We can also help you analyze the content and architecture of your website. This will cut the chances of you getting hit by this algorithm injected penalty – Google Panda. If you got duplicated contents and broken links on your website, you are in danger on getting caught by this algo based penalty.

You can’t go ahead disavow links

Google did say that you can go ahead and submit bad links for disavowal. But no business will submit their selves for link scrutiny immediately without analyzing the situation first. This is where our services can help you. We know how to do link profile research and act on it for manual link removal.

Stay Clean

We can help you fix your content and build link profiles that are safe and adhere Google’s webmaster guideline. We can create a campaign that could add more diversity to your website and help you increase your brand presence at the same time.

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