Google SERPS – New Look

By On June 30, 2011 • Search Engine Optimization Comments (8)

Say goodbye to the image fold above.

Google SERPS has changed its display. Google continues its whirlwind of changes since Google Panda and now they made an effort to change the way search results are displayed.



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8 Responses to Google SERPS – New Look

  1. Jason Acidre says:

    I think SERP changes are more into personalization. I won’t be surprise of Google search will eventually be integrated with Google+. Hmm, that could change the entire SEO game for sure.
    Jason Acidre recently posted..1-2 Punch Marketing Action Plan for Blogs

    • bags says:

      We all saw how Google used twitter in Google Realtime search. It will no longer be a surprise if thumbnail pictures of people will appear due to the Google+ project below the SERPS just like the +1 effect. Google is really serious on getting social. How about another cat and dog fight between Google and Facebook?

  2. Jason Acidre says:

    Also try “Danny Sullivan” :D
    Jason Acidre recently posted..1-2 Punch Marketing Action Plan for Blogs

  3. bags says:

    Pati Rand Fishkin…meron twitter account…hahaha this is going to be hell yeah crazy…

  4. Heidi says:

    wow, google serp new look, awesome, i will subscribe this blog for more info about the new look of google.
    Heidi recently posted..MLSP

  5. Changes of google serps impresses me. Its also nice to look at.
    Marie Antoinette recently posted..MLSP

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