Get Optimized 2: The Future of Guest Blogging

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This is the 3rd installment of the Get Optimized 2nd Series. Today our 8 experts from the Philippines will share their thoughts about the future of guest blogging, the 3rd question of this month long interview series. In case you missed the first two questions on GetOpt2, here are the links to them:

1. Share your creative link building experience that doesn’t involve content marketing.
2. Share a link building technique where you find content marketing to be successful.

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Let’s get on with the Question #3

Google is looking forward to disrupting guest blogging’s prowess. Unfortunately, it truly has become abusive and spammy. What’s your take on the future of guest blogging?

The Answers:

gary lacanilao

Due to the last update of link schemes page of Google last July, in the next few months, guest blogging might not be one of the best solution in the SEO race anymore. Google probably have seen questionable link diversity, zero engagement in the blogs, excessive Guest Post request, and GP offerings, as an alarming scene.


I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who received emails from blog owners who are accepting guest post like the below:

Do you think Google will allow this kind of scheme? It’s pretty much like buying links these days. These “SEO practitioners” forgot to review the link schemes under the content guidelines of Google. It is clearly stated there that “exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link” can negatively impact the site’s ranking.

My take on Guest Posting is to develop a persona for people and not on blogs, scale it up, and become a regular contributor rather than the one pitching for a guest blog.

Guest posting is not the only solution to solve everyone’s problem. Study the Google query interpretation and review it side by side with the updated Google guidelines. It is very disturbing that there are thousands of “SEOs” that goes with the flow and don’t provide their own solutions.

This is the right moment to mold their selves as a real SEO. Personally, the consistent growth of “Gurus” and fly by night “SEOs” will bring bad tidings in the near future. Gary Vaynerchuk was half-right, “marketers ruined everything”. Those people, who abused guest blogging, will have the taste of their own medicine soon.



I kind of called this out several times on different occasions saying that this may happen. And let’s answer these with screenshots to minimize duplicate content.

8 months ago I said…


11 months ago I said…


  • So will guest blogging still exist in the future? Sure it will.
  • Will it still be a good SEO tactic to use? Yeah it will still be used.
  • Will it still be effective? Depends on how you do it. As long as you select the right blogs, blogs with an actual audience. Not from a blog that was made for guest blogging. A blog that is really relevant and popular and is an authority on the subject matter you are targeting, then yes it will still work.

gary viray

Why has it become abusive? Because it has been thought and used as a primary tactic by a lot of SEOs for link generation after Penguin took down bookmarkings, forum postings and blog networks. A number of people failed to understand what guest posting really meant. They forget that it is about mind sharing, brand building, targeted audience, content placement and traffic wherein the least of its purpose is getting those links. If you are doing it with the right set of goals in mind as what I have cited above then, you shouldn’t worry.

Definitely, numerous sites will use “nofollow” tags in order to protect themselves from possible penalties. At Search Opt Media, we are no exception. However, it does not deter us on continuing content sharing to better sites since day in and day out, traffic and brand building is our focus. I would always choose targeted traffic as an output than those higher Domain Authority (DA) sites with lesser or no traffic to our client’s site as an avenue for our guest posting efforts.

Pro Tip: Try to take guest posting on a different level. Become a contributor to your prospected sites and engage more with your publishers’ audience. Think beyond the comment and author boxes. When you have enough social signal and traffic, then, you can be more creative.


Guest blogging will still be viable and useful in the future but there should be a rich, well-thought of content strategy for this to still work. Content these days is not just about having targeted keywords. It should tell a story that people could relate to. The story should be able to evoke emotions and compel action.

jason acidre

It will still be effective in terms of passing ranking power, generating targeted traffic and brand impressions. However, there are certain patterns that Google will certainly use to devalue manipulative links from guest posts, like:

  • If the link is using over-optimized exact match anchor texts.
  • If the domain hosting the contributed content has ton of low-value guest posts.
  • Obvious footprints for massive-scale guest blogging campaigns (like using the same author bio over and over).

The solution: take note of these factors, and make sure that you’re not doing them.

sean si

Guest blogging in its purest, finest, unabused form will certainly not go out of the picture. It’s too useful a win-win strategy for both parties to have great, solid content published. My take on its future is that it will be a strategy that’s going to be available only to authentic practitioners such as real bloggers, real companies, and real individuals who are authoritative in their niche and who are in posession of their own blog to prove it.

guest blog success

Purely guest blogging companies will start to go through the eye of a needle to be able to have a good ROI for their efforts. Tons of legit, high DA, high PR, high authority sites are already blocking out unsolicited guest post offers from individuals with apparently new Google+ profiles and Twitter accounts.

janette toral

I have not been really a fan of guest blogging although I have seen sites who accept such to boost their own traffic and give exposure to those who write for them.

I think it will be better if the person will create a presentation deck and upload it in sites like Slideshare. They write an article that discusses it further and put on the description or on their blogs. I think that is more authoritative than guest posting especially if you have good content that gets shared / passed on to a lot of people.

My slideshare account where I post presentations has yielded numerous opportunities for me. As our respective sites can get attacked through SEO and other means, your presentation decks uploaded will retain proper ranking and even rise higher (and to the dismay of those who are doing some weird things against your site).


Well, guest blogging will still be important and, in my opinion, it will still remain as one of the key factors in creating a successful and remarkable content marketing campaign for acquiring links. As long as you have the mindset of creating high quality and engaging content that is relevant to you, you should not worry. Just make sure that you do not rely only on this activity alone and try to mix it up with another strategy.


I want to say thank you to the 8 collaborators of this work. Sir Benj Arriola, Ms. Janette Toral, Sheila Dela Pena, Jason Acidre, Sean Si, Gary Viray, Jon Edward Santillan and Gary Lacanilao.

Please say thank you to the panelists of Get Optimized Second Series, this is a month long work for our 8 collaborators, don’t forget to say thank you on the comment section if you feel that you have learned something new. Of wanted to ask something about the post.

Up Next (Tomorrow): Question #4: Google Penguin Penalty

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2 Responses to Get Optimized 2: The Future of Guest Blogging

  1. Chris Gun says:

    This is a great mix of opinions. I think at the end of the day, this is definitely NOT an all or nothing subject. Guest blogging will always do well and always exist, but what can’t keep existing is the cheap crap that still surfaces regularly. I think by taking an author rank approach with all guest blogging does help a lot. When its someone’s name on the line or when someone has to develop their name with a quality background in order to grow their author rank, the right disciplinary choices regarding guest blogging are being conducted.

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Yep Chris, the demand for quality guest blogging is at high especially when Google warned about it’s manipulative nature. Author rank is definitely a game changer on the guest blogging space, we can’t just simply ignore it :)

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