Guest Blogging Is Being Threatened – What’s Next?

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matt cutts

Another threat from the Google Web Spam Team and the SEO space is now shaking. The f**k is wrong with everybody? We all knew that this is coming and yet we all go mad whenever we see these threats from Google. Google is not the internet folks!

But wait, cut the panic… Matt Cutts said on HackerNews thread (3 hours past):

matt 2

And then Matt said:

matt 3

So why panic? Oh well if you only read the post from Search Engine Land about Fork and Eating, panic might be the first thing that comes to you. If you are doing low quality guest blogging and spamming the hell out of all the inboxes that you can, then worry. Quality will always be the key to any link building method.

This is not going to become an easy task for Google. First of all guest blogging existed for years and there are guest blogs who have earned their way in becoming a notable asset on someone elses blog and some “Guest Blogs Gets PageRank” – it’s not like all guest blogs are shit. You can’t just drop a shit bomb and say “Guest Blog Is Done” without separating good guest blogging and bad guest blogging. Nobody knows how will Google do this.

For people asking if they should nofollow guest blog links on their blog? I say NO – not just because Google said it, you’ll have to effin follow it. Ask yourself why did you link on that website on the first place? Did you find the link useful to your readers? Do you consider it as a reward “brand exposure” for the contributor? If your answer is YES, then don’t do anything with that. Links are earned and these guest bloggers earned it!

More useful things that you can try:

1. Stop using same old author byline “This is a guest blog, this is a guest post, a guest contribution” let’s create a new world where we SEO’s will help the blog owner setup other author accounts on his blog to open up content contributions on his blog and yet be able to manage it. This will definitely encourage authorship implementation on guest blogs.

2. Do not link to product pages, link to your brand or to you content assets only whenever you are doing guest blogging. For bloggers, don’t accept blogs that links to product pages – this should stop the belief on Anchor Text = Google SERPS rank.

3. When all else fail, do ghost posting. Ask the blogger if he’s interested to post a content that is well written and surely him or her readers will love. Ask if you can do a research for him about a certain topic that you both are interested in. Who would refuse a free content?

Quality Guest Blogging in 140 Characters (Twitter)

More reads about the issue:



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4 Responses to Guest Blogging Is Being Threatened – What’s Next?

  1. Nice post Jayson, the 3 last advices are what any guest blogger should follow.The problem is not guest blogging as a strategy it’s how you use that makes a hell of a difference and certainly having links throughout a post to “service/product pages” doesn’t offer any value to readers and are easily spotted as unnatural…
    Kostas Chiotis recently posted..Powerful Tips for Building Beneficial Relationships Via Guest Blogging

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Spot on Kostas! Linking to product and services pages (with over-optimized) promotional anchor texts could cost you a lot when the guest blogging hammer takes effect. That is an easy to track guest blogging for links.

  2. Great article I like the suggestions you make for guest posting and I support them. It shows that at least you haven’t given up on guest posting. Love the images with Matt :)
    Alexandra Nicola recently posted..7 Reasons to Drop Multitasking

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