Home Page Content – When It Is Too Much? 5 Sections That You Need To Check

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This is a follow up post for Matt Cutts webmaster central post answering a question from Pete, UK “More or Less Content on a Homepage?” Matt Cutts simply answered this by saying, You cant have too much (as he pertain to the size of the webpage itself) but you should have great context so that Google can read what is your page all about. Rather than putting an image with a simple caption he suggest to put context on the home page.

I’ve been into different SEO clients and what I always notice is that still there are websites that exist in this world that would rather show off their flashy moves in exchange of Search Engine Standards.

So technically, When can you say that the home page content is too much? And could cause you a problem in Google or even just for your users.

1. Pictures and Photographs. When you insert pictures such as jpegs, gif, png etc. you always consume your resources in terms of page load speed and eats your allocated bandwidth. We are not saying that you don’t put images on your webpage anymore. You can put quality images by incorporating different methods. Avail a CDN (Content Developer Network) for you website to host your files like pictures and videos.

2. Videos and Movies. When buffing jeopardize your user experience and tends to wreck your resources. Dont host it on your TLD hosting server. You can always put a video on your very own youtube channel, facebook videos, megauploads that allow you to embed your media into your website.

3. Spammed Context. Yeah you heard me. Stop keyword stuffing and creating pages for Google, focus on improving your website for good user experience. Avoid so much keyword phrases on a single page. Put your self on  your users shoe. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience who reads your content, therefore avoid hitting all you can (keywords) on a single page.

4. Ads and Affiliate Links. Google Panda is on a striking distance, they are attacking pages that are displaying so much affiliate links and banner ads. Minimized your ads and cut down your affiliate servings. Affiliate links and Ads are killing you.

5. Look and Feel. When your client want to maintain the look and feel of their website and forget that someway, somehow they need a well written content for their home page. That will can be a problem. SEO Copywriting can help you get quality content that are powerful in users and Google at the same time.


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3 Responses to Home Page Content – When It Is Too Much? 5 Sections That You Need To Check

  1. Jason Acidre says:

    Great pointers. If the page is filled with too much content, you can always rely on thematic/strategic pagination, as it can go well with site indexation plus you are able to stage a good internal linking structure for the site. And the best part about this is you are also able to target multiple keywords to rank highly on search results, as the pages are supporting each other, and are receiving good pagerank flow from the homepage.

    • bags says:

      Yep, pagination is a great idea to handle post type websites like a blog. There are techniques like content sliders and putting contents on a tab like display. By all means, managing your home page always gets first on the list for optimization.

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