How to Connect With People When Doing Outreach for Guest Posts

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So how do you guys connect with bloggers / blog prospects / real people when doing outreach for guest posts?

#AskDistilled “How do you guys connect on people when doing an outreach for guest posts? I am using a persona on doing this and it has been effective for some niches, but again this persona is not good for 10 different niches. Since many bloggers nowadays make sure that they are only letting real people do a guest post on their blog. Often they can identify if you are just a passerby who skimmed on their blog, then wrote an email copy of all A’s about their blog and inquired for a guest post. Assuming that we don’t want to get stuck on reading someone’s blog just to build relationship, how do you approach this one? Thanks +Distilled Rocks!

Distilled Answer via #AskDistilled Q & A (Watch the Video)

Answered by Rob and the gang on Distilled Seattle (Rob Ousbey, Adria Saracino and Kate Morris) – Thanks for giving the best answers, as always :)

What I understand from the Q & A

1. Look for People Looking for Guest Posts, 

2. Come off natural and validate yourself. Prove to people that you are capable of writing and qualified of producing great content. Give them examples where your last publication was. Offer a teaser and provide better headlines in order to capture blog owners interest.

3. Go to opensiteexplorer – Browse for top pages, check for top articles. Even if people don’t offer a guest post and does not post anything about accepting guest posts. You can always open up and complement his or her great content  and from there you can build relationship. You can even request for other opportunities when blog owners see that you’re a good person.

4. Check for bylines for articles, use search bar within the site in order to position yourself for the guest posts.

  • “This is a guest post”, “Guest post by”, “My guest post”

My takes

1. Use a persona – A persona is a social role or character played by an actor. Create your own persona by following this 3 easy tips.

  • Establish your persona’s authorship. If you have an extra money, create a general topic blog for your persona and categorize your posts into general niches, example: Personal{Finance|DIY|Photography|Travel|Tips and How-To}
  • Create your persona’s social media profile. Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn and even your own persona’s gravatar. Since one technique in outreach is dropping blog comments to start conversation and common interest.
  • Add persona’s touch on your email campaigns. Job title, Signature and even the attitude on your email. There have been studies about female persona’s being more succesful than male’s so make sure that you add a femine touch when using a female persona.
This is a good reference for Persona Link Building from KaiserTheSage

 2. Add more chunk on your guest posting tools:

  • Ethan Lyon – Guest Posts via Twitter,  collect guest post opportunities in a much faster way. This pulls RSS feeds from twitter to Google Docs.
  • Find Guest Post Opportunities, 70 Google Advance Search Operators that can help you on collecting guest post blog prospects.
  •  - Go to the website, Input the URL of the website, Choose All Links on the right side and get quick results on what page(s) were twitted by many people and therefore that post is where you should start your conversation.
  • ScrapeBox, do it quick. You can use scrapebox on scraping your link prospects, save it and sort it using the tool.

3.  Track authors and URLs (Sniffing) – When you are collecting link prospects, theres a chance that you will pass by on other people’s guest post. Get the name of that author and follow his or her track using google “inpostauthor:” query. For sure, you will find other blogs where that author had a guest post.


4. Ask about what they want, write ups that they might need. Do not do this on a rude way like come in on the front door and ask them these questions. Instead suggest a title or topic that you have in mind and then ask them also if they have any titles or topic that they are interested.


Ask for more – Post more than once or inquire about any other possibilities, like a giveaway of anything useful for the both parties.

5. Perfect timing on launching email campaign for guest post outreach – 


Email campaigns are perfectly launched on Monday evening, where everyone is sipping their coffee while reading emails, plus Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday is for blog prospecting and managing your lists, adding labels and follow up notices. Just like you, Thursday and Friday is a busy day for everyone, creating weekly reports, finshing deliverables and etc. you don’t want to email people when they are busy. (Hey don’t forget, SEOteky is an Inbound Marketing Blog from Manila, So I’m using Philippine time in here)

6. Talk about what’s inside your article, does it fit his/her audience? Brag about it! If you are someone who have been doing guest posting for quite sometime, you can always give relevant  referrences that can help you convince this target blog owners. 

guest post 2


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6 Responses to How to Connect With People When Doing Outreach for Guest Posts

  1. Gary Andrew Lacanilao says:

    Thumbs up for this “Use google advance queries for finding guest post blog prospects”!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Jayson. I believe that, not all of the SEOs/IMs out there don’t know how to utilize strings very well, in the concept of reaching out to your target audience.

    • SEOteky says:

      Thanks Gary, either link builders don’t know how to utilize Google advance search queries at it’s full or they are just lazy on doing it manually :) Prospecting indeed is a tedious task, still if you know how to be more efficient, you will be successful on collecting target blogs.

  2. JC Carlos says:

    This post deserves not just a tweet, +1 or share. Exceptional post Jason. Guest post emails or pitch must be personalized. Giving suggestions(like topics) about the article is also important as it helps the blog owner to choose the best that will fit to the blog (less hassle for them). It is also important to mention their name before the body content of your pitch so blog owners won’t feel that you are a “spammer” or something. If you don’t know the name of the site owner/blogger, use Google. Find them through different social media sites (like LinkedIn) or This is a big help as blog owners feel you are really interested in providing a great content for them , not just a link. And again, Guest posting is not just about the link, it is also about building relationship. Great post Jason! Kudos!
    JC Carlos recently posted..Local Business Owners – Protect Your Domain Name!

  3. Ricky Shah says:

    I was unaware of “inpostauthor:” operator. There is also one more dirty trick. Go to some active forum and ask for the people who offer guest posting service. Most of them will be more than happy to show you some of their previous work. Dirty but effective method to collect some good guest posting opportunity.
    There are also few Facebook group where people accept guest post opportunity. Just search for ‘guest blogging group’ in Facebook and you will come to know. Of course, you may not find blog quality fascinating.
    The post deserves G+ and RT :)
    Ricky Shah recently posted..How To Save Webpage As PDF on iPad

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