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Meet Jason Acidre, one of the best white hat SEO pro that I know in the country. After a successful interview with Benj Arriola, one of the SEO PH greatest SEO ever I was able to sit and do an interview with Jason.

I already read the story behind the name kaiserthesage, but for the benefits of the people reading this interview. I’ll ask it again, where did Kaiserthesage came from?

About the name “kaiserthesage”, it’s sort of a combination of my personality. Kaiser was the codename I frequently used when I was still active in the Counterstrike Pro-gaming scene. I got that name from an old Playstation game – Breath of Fire 3 (one of my favorites actually). It’s an uncontrollable dragon accession of the game’s protagonist, which reflected most of my carefree actions and high-risk decisions in life at that time. Ironically, Kaiser also means “King” – the second name given to me since birth for some reasons:

  • Because I was born on August 19, the same as Manuel L. Quezon’s and Marcus Aurelius Probus’.
  • Because my zodiac sign is Leo.

As regards to the sage part, way back in college, in our philosophy class, I was assigned to do a report about Lao Tzu’s concepts of “sageliness”. That research deeply influenced my perspectives in life and society, mainly on how I see and appreciate other people and myself, and since then I’ve been a follower of that particular way of life. In essence, the blog’s name means “the uncontrollable wise/calm guy”, which is quite contradicting.

Professionally, I’m a Search Marketing Consultant for Affilorama and Traffic Travis, I’m also the Link Development Manager at SEO-Hacker, and currently, I’m in the process of establishing my own Web Development Company. Outside my profession, you’ll probably just see me wandering around QC, drinking/smoking, daydreaming, air-drumming or running around with my kid and girlfriend.

You’re pretty special for an SEO. You are indeed recognized by many people in the search industry, especially in the foreign scene, UK and US. Why do you think you have such success being able to connect to big names like SEOmoz Rand Fishkin, Ross Hudgens, John Doherty & Tom Critchlow of Distilled, Hugo Guzman etc.

Not really sure, but I think it’s because of the content that I’m able to produce, as most of the posts that I’ve created are somehow able to draw their attention and are also able to target different types of audiences. The connections that I’ve built along the process was also a big factor, as these connections have made my presence as an SEO more visible through social sharing and content citations, which eventually resulted to more connections and brand exposure.

When I started blogging, I didn’t really have any specific target audience in mind (beginners, pro, influencers, etc…), I just decided to put up a blog to test things related to my work (and I still consider it as my laboratory) and to serve as a personal journal in case I need to review some strategies. I guess that’s one thing why the blog keeps on getting better, because it has its own personality and the blog doesn’t really need to meet any expectations from its readers – it was driven by passion and there was no pressure.

You have a post “30 SEO Experts share the most compelling content that influenced their works” now let me ask you your own question. What’s the most compelling content(s) that you have read or created that influenced your work as an SEO.

There are so many articles that I’ve read this past year that really influenced my work as an SEO, but the most notable ones are:

The horribly slow murderer with the extremely inefficient weapon by Richard Gale – When I was just starting as an SEO, summer of 2010, I stumbled upon this awesome video. This made me realize how great content can go far and that’s where I began to explore more in-depth strategies on not just optimizing a website, but in marketing it awesomely as well.

A model for link building: Beyond “Great Content” – Ross Hudgens is one of the best SEOs of this generation that I really look up to, particularly with his ideas on sustainable and scalable campaigns. The most remarkable lesson that I’ve learned from him (indirectly) – a great link/campaign can at least ensure its results to benefit you thrice the investment you’ve made for it.

Lastly, the back-to-back post I created last summer: How to Get In-content and Editorial Links and  10 Ethical Ways to Buy Links – Garrett French (also one of the big SEOs that I look up to) tweeted me about these 2 posts, and that really raised my spirits and made me think that I guess I’m really on to something here. Those posts also got a lot of attention from other well-known people in the industry (since one of them got featured on Sphinn’s front page and Searchengineland’s SearchCap). The lesson: great content + amazing connections = win.

This is what everyone is waiting for. If you can share the best white hat SEO techniques that you have used. Can you list and explain at least three of five of them? How effective are they for you?

1. Link bait or exceptional content + content-based link building:

Constantly providing useful content and knowing how to disseminate the content to reach its target audience has certainly been a very effective SEO strategy for me, seeing as the more you provide great content that can have the ability to move on its own is the more you’ll be able to attract more natural links, get better search rankings, consistently drive specifically targeted traffic through search engines or referring sites, build a strong brand presence, build relationships/following and generate interested/fascinated leads to your business.

2. The long-hard-road strategy – Branding

The safest and most sustainable way to make a business compete on a highly competitive space is through this technique. I strongly believe that it’s the most efficient way to target highly competitive keywords, as it can eventually make the brand name assimilate itself to the keyword/industry that the site is targeting. Search engines also give higher priority to well-branded websites, in which – as most of us know – they reward known authority sites with higher search rankings (for their inner pages as well as with difficult keywords). In terms of processes, this strategy will most likely require techniques based on community participation (establishing authority through forums, blog discussions, Q&A sites) and externally distributed content such as guest blogging, media coverage, rich-media content and other inbound marketing techniques that will send out massive brand signals and build up the site’s domain authority. Yes, this one’s quite effective, based on my experience.

3. Building connections.

Engaging other people in your industry (whether they’re influential or just an enthusiast) through social media interactions (social sharing/networking, blog commenting and getting the discussions back to your site/blog, email, etc…). Building the right connections and knowing how you can utilize them well can definitely help your campaign grow in many aspects – could be through linking, business expansions and/or lead referrals.

You are indeed a pro white hat. But what about managing the risks and going for the black hat SEO wonders? Have you ever tried it, care to share some story?

I’ve encountered and experienced that situation (many times) before, getting frustrated, desperate and exhausted from thinking of better ways to penetrate authority websites for link acquisition. Being a pure white hat SEO somehow can put results at stake in many occasions and going to the dark side can sometimes be very tempting. Though, I didn’t choose the dark side, haha.

I have tried some black hat SEO techniques before, for one of my clients (ORM), where we had to pull numerous negative reviews off the SERPs. And it did work, except for one that’s from an authority news site and is still hanging on the first page, bummer, but I will never resort to these techniques again.

How do you see SEO and Internet Marketing 5 years from now?

Like what Matt Cutts said, don’t chase algorithms, chase after how users want to use the web, because that’s what their algorithms are chasing after (that’s not how he exactly said it, but, yeah, that was the message).

In 5 years, SEO will be dead. It will most likely be User-Experience Optimization, wherein you will have to authentically deserve the citation, the link, the positive review, the social share, the rankings and the conversions. Manipulate users, not search engines.

Where can people contact you, follow you or any?

You can follow my SEO adventures on my SEO blog – Kaiserthesage and you can also follow me on Twitter @jasonacidre.




Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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    Very inspiring story. He’s the very first person I guess that I have added on Facebook that made me want to learn SEO more.
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