Krispy Kreme Philippines, Not So Sweet Anniversary Treat?

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Anniversary specials is always a good way to nurture your relationship with your loyal customers and market your brand at the same time. Should many customers be disappointed on krispy kreme PH today? It will be the worst day ever. But if they can somehow pull it all back and deliver, then this promo will be a day to remember.

It’s the 76th anniversary of Krispy Kreme Philippines and people went nuts on nabbing the special offer of KKPH, 1 box 6 pieces original glazed for only 76 pesos (Est. around 1.70$) and 1 person can grab 2 boxes per claim/branch. WOW! A dozen of original glazed can be bought at 152 pesos only instead of paying its normal price at 250 to 280 pesos per dozen.

Here is the voucher:

krispy kreme anniversary

What happened and what is happening when you claim:

Mechanics Confusion

See the terms and condition on the voucher. The terms were so unspecific about 2 important things.

1. Was the term a series of choices? Share the birthday announcement, print the voucher, do I need to show that I liked the page? “Bring as much” that’s it.


2. Promo starts at the opening store hour upto 6pm today. That brings us to the next problem.

Out of stock

The promo starts on the opening hour until 6pm today only, July 15, 2013 but for many branches it already ended around 9am to 10am. There are branches who say that the promo is only available for first 100 to 200 customers claiming, the Mall of Asia Krispy Kreme branch tells customers that they are restocking original glazed doughnuts around 2pm.

What went wrong?

Krispy kreme was unprepared of the overwhelming/swarming patrons who want to grab the special treat. Some branches were even uninformed on the mechanics that is on their voucher.


KKPH replied


And there were force cut-offs because the store is already out of donuts. Expect fumes from disappointed people of course.


KKPH replied


Overwhelmed might be a happy reply from KKPH but people are irate to hear of such excuse. And there are also people who are comparing JCO and KKPH while this problem is rising.

And there were people who shared their story


What Krispy Kreme Should Have Done Before July 15, 2013

1. Plan well the anniversary special promo. A month or two planning can help, yes maybe Krispy Kreme Philippines did plan everything but they should have at least (#2)

2. A contingency plan that can save them from unhappy and disappointed loyal customers. Not just replies on facebook pages and twitter but a more actionable proof that they want to deliver customer satisfaction.

3. Produced Millions of original glazed donuts to suffice the demand that they created.

4. Elaborate the promo terms and conditions further. Be more specific. This is why they failed, KKPH didn’t specifically said on their voucher

  • First 100 or 200 customers only.
  • First come, first serve
  • While supply last.
  • Limited stock only.

5. If Krispy Kreme PH has a marketing team, they could foresee things by using Facebook insights. This can show how many impressions were made in a post, how many were reached and how many are talking about your post. This will allow Krispy Kreme to have rough estimate of purchases even before the day that the promo was launched. The first post of the actual marketing print was published Saturday – July 13, 2013. Again this is a marketing thing correlated to production and customer satisfaction. (Credits to Sheila of SEOPH)

Example Facebook Insight Screenshot


6. After today, KKPH should release an official statement and create a quick rebound program. Like an extension of the anniversary sale or any.

Social Media and Brand Marketing is a tricky place. Without concise and heavy planning, everything can become a disaster and could hurt you more than help you. Mechanics and instructions should always be reviewed; measuring success should not depend on numbers alone but should also deal with positive responses from your loyal customers.

So Good luck with Krispy Kreme Philippines, Happy 76th.

Update #1: Krispy Kreme MOA branch is giving a card that will allow customers to claim their doughnuts tomorrow for people who lined-up and wasn’t able to grab the offer. So what about the other branches?

Update #2: Krispy Kreme on Shangri la Mall advise their customers to pay today and get their doughnuts tomorrow.

Author’s note: This is not about Krispy Kreme and it’s company, this is just about their anniversary promo sale that went wrong. The voucher really fall short on details. False marketing? In my opinion, I think it was an honest mistake not to be more detailed on the terms and condition along the marketing print. But again it was a dumb mistake. I love original glazed krispy kreme doughnuts :) I just hate KKPH marketing move.



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5 Responses to Krispy Kreme Philippines, Not So Sweet Anniversary Treat?

  1. ginger says:

    too much donuts make your brain dull and gray.

  2. Mamanee says:

    I also had the urge to take advantage of their anniversary promo and stood in line at their Eastwood Citywalk Branch for 45 minutes. Their plan was like Shangri-La, we purchased on the day and then I got my donuts earlier this afternoon. They should have been synchronized with the other branches and provided the same option. There was also a crew member that discussed this while we were in line.
    Mamanee recently posted..Cake Diary: Leopard Print

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      My GF was also able to get hers from SM North KKPH today…Good thing that they still honestly deliver.

  3. GlennComanda says:

    Not so sweet…

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