Link Anatomy – Further Explanation of What’s Inside a Link

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I’ve been into every sides of SEO Campaigns and Strategies. What I’ve learned is that Search Engine Optimization is all about links, Quality links.

Before we start dissecting what’s inside a link. I want you to know that this post was inspired by a post from seomoz, Link Anatomy by Dan Desceuster. And was fueled by a discussion from SEO Philippines covering the topic of two types of link builders.

Link building is the act of building links to ones website. Linking comes from editorials such as articles and releases, submissions, requests and self manufactured links.

Just like what I said in the SEO forum. There are 2 types of link builder in the search marketing industry. 1st is someone who build links for quantity, who take all linking opportunities into his or her account and submit a website there for the sake of producing huge list of backlinking efforts. The other one (2nd) is a link builder who thinks before he or she acts. Take a look and put the linking opportunities into study before grabbing the link. Someone creative enough to create a link bait that would anchor an SEO campaign for the long run.

If you belong to the 1st group of link builders then this post will just be a sore in your eyes.

The pie graph above explains the important factors that completes an authoritative link. When I started SEO, I always thought that authority links are links that belong to .EDU and .GOV pages but when I learned that authority can be achieved through hard work and persistence and not just spamming those websites. I was able to understand that quality is far more important than quantity in link building campaigns.

Let’s now cover the purpose of this post. Ill start with the tiniest part of the Pie to the biggest/

Dissecting an Authoritative Link

Social Mentions – Though unproven as stated by many, I strongly believe that this will be a focal point of an authoritative link soon. Google now has Social Graph API that connect social public profiles to one another. Google took XFN (XHTML Friends Network and FOAF (Friend of a Friend) markup on their indexes. Links mentioned on social medias will have a huge advantage in the near future.

Outbound Links – The number of outbound pointing links affects the distribution of PageRank quality score. The more the outbound pointing link of a website to another the lower the rate of getting high quality juice to pass onto your page. This is one major reason why not to pick directory submission sites as your source for link building.  Though there are directories that still on the link building chart like the one from DMOZ, Yahoo, BOTW and

Relevance – Quality links is always related on its subject and topicality. You dont want to fire your gun without seeing the target which is same as to link building. Good quality links are always relevant and informative.

Placement - Deal with it! If you want your link to be high quality it has to come from an editorial content. For years Google has been taking its step on nailing down websites involved in linking schemes. Google justify link placement through its surfer model (Read more about the Patent)

Under the patent filing granted today, the value of a link may be different based upon a large number of factors, such as where the link is located on a page, whether the link is a different color or font style than other links, how many words are used in the anchor text for the link, whether the link text used is commercial or not, what the topic of the page is that the link appears upon and the topic of the page pointed to by the link, and many others. -seo by the sea

Domain Trust – This refers to the website quality and the trust given to them by search engines. Some people see it relative to domain age and links (including neighboring contents of the link). Ideally the higher the trust of the website, it simply means that a link was built to last for long time.


Anchor Text – The most important part of the link is the text that gives weight on it. Not just a simple keyword phrase but a variation of your keyword phrase that gives diversity to your anchors and content. On link building you must know that Google can always track your footsteps. So sticking on a two word or three word anchor text everytime you seed a link is not a good way to go.

Root Text : iphone apps

Diversified: free iphone apps, must have iphone apps, free iphone apps download, must have iphone apps today, download iphone apps, free download iphone app etc.

The above categories equates authoritative links. A quantity of 100 backlinks is nothing agains 10 Quality Backlinks from authority sites. What if something is missing on the link that is related to your criteria? The above list are just criteria’s that I believe should affect your decision on building links. QUALITY LINKS!


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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