25 Link Building Tips & Strategies to Get Quality Links

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SEOTeky list of link building tips and strategies – created for people looking for new link building tips. Link building is a tedious task for SEO professionals, collecting links that can help you improve in your ranking is important. Understanding the links that powers your competitors campaign is always an SEO essential.

Below are some of my posts that highlights link building techniques (Credit with all the people who help me-us get the most out of link building).

The Tools

1. Search Query Generator for Guest Blogging + Google Spreadsheet - Find guest blog opportunities in a super speedy way. This tool will help you find guest blogs and widen your keywords at the same time. A simple link prospector for guest blogs.
2. Guest Blog Prospector on Twitter – Find guest blogs on twitter by using this quick tool.

Guest Blogging

3. Breaking News: Guest Blogging is Dead – We all know that Google will soon dive into new link building tactics. Infographics and Guest Blogging are probably in the danger zone. Know the reasons why guest blogging will soon be dead.
4. How to Look for Guest Blog Opportunities – Understand your target prospects and find the right match for your next guest blog.
5. Mastering the 4 Pillars of Guest Blogging – A presentation on Mastering Online Rankings conference by SEO Philippines. Learn the important parts of guest blogging.
6. The 10 Commandments of Guest Posting – Follow these 10 simple rules and guidelines. Increase the chance of improving your guest blogging campaign a success.

Link Prospecting

7. 70 Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities Using Google – Google advance search operators for collecting guest posting prospect links.
8. SEOMOZ Opensite Explorer – 8 reasons why SEOMOZ OSE is one of the best link prospecting tool for SEO’s. Learn how helpful this tool for your link building campaigns.
9. 6 Link Prospecting Techniques – A list of link prospecting how-to’s that can help SEO’s collect link prospects.

Link Building

10. Interview with Mike Essex of Koozai – Know the secrets of Mike Essex in making giveaways a success. He also answer link building questions and gave away 3 precious tips that link builders can use for their campaigns.
11. 8 SEO Experts, 8 Questions – Read this superb interview session with 8 of the best SEO and Link Builders in the country. We got Jason Acidre, Benj Arriola, Sean Patrick Si and more answering set of questions that can help you roll on the current SEO and link building trends.
12. Easy Win Links, How I Got a PR4 Backlink in 5 Minutes - I just got a PR4 backlink and let me share to you how I got it through this useful and easy to push link building strategy.
13. How to Connect With People When Doing Outreach for Guest Posts - Learn how to connect with people when doing outreach for Guest Posts. Watch the Distilled Seattle team Q&A and learn more from my add on tips.
14. Google Penguin Investigation, Know If You Were Hit By This Mega Update – Google recently launched Google Penguin Update, it focuses on link profiles of a website. Many people complain about this update due to large number of losses in both keywords and number of pages indexed. So if you are not yet sure if you were affected by this update then this post is for you.
15. 14 SEO Curate Posts For Your Thirsty SEO Mind – Must read collection of curate posts from industry’s brightest minds. Inbound marketing tips, advanced link building strategies, 50 search highlights and more.
16. Watta F**K – I dont rank, super mad SERPS – Reason’s why it’s hard to rank on search engines. Learn how to solve such issues and do well on your SEO and Link Building Campaigns. Freshness, Duplication, Usage Metrics, Spam etc.
17. The Ultimate list of link building tactics – A list collected by SkyRocketSEO UK – One of our link building method was listed there.
18. SEO, 5 Years from now – A quick look on the future of Search Engine Optimization – What will work? What will not.
19. Anchor Text Reclamation – A step by step guide on collecting your old links and turning them into a useful link building method. A very good way to prospect your own links.
20. SEO Strategies for a beer – A fun post on how to take advantage of SEO Events, meetups and post-party events. If you are looking for some link building stories, then the beer session after the event is always a fun way to collect and learn from other professionals.
21. Link Anatomy – Understand how a link is considered to be a quality and a must have link. Knowing the real stat behind links can help us understand the importance of link building.
22. SERPS Enumerator – Have your SERPS page numbered without adding any sophisticated browser add on

Interviews with Industry Experts

23. SEO and Social Media with Gisele Mendez – Gisele discuss the value of SEO, content marketing success and the growing importance of social media in digital marketing. Plus she also shared her biggest secret in her 3+ years experience in the industry.

24. Interview with PointBlankSEO – Meet Jon Cooper, the bright mind behind industry’s biggest link building blog, PointBlankSEO. Jon discuss the idea behind his website, negative SEO and he also blessed us with 5 overlooked link building techniques that are effective but often neglected. Check it out!

25. Interview with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz (Now Moz) – A dream come true for me, an interview with Rand Fishkin, the CEO and Founder of the most successful SEO software – SEOmoz. Learn how transparency helped SEOmoz become a success and his predictions on the industry future. Plus bonus tips on how SEOmoz was able to build links to their site.





Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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