Mastering the 4 Pillars of Guest Posting

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Guest posting can become an easy task if you could master these 4 pillars of guest posting. This is one of our secrets in SEOteky, following a standard in every guest blogging work that we do. I presented my deck last Saturday in SEO Organization Philippines (MORcon 2012), a quick 30 minute guide to guest posting:

Mastering the 4 pillars of guest posting from Jayson Bagio

Getting nuts with Guest Posting? Learn More:

1. The 10 commandments of Guest Posting – Don’t just become another guest poster. Follow the 10 commandments of Guest Posting and you will be on the right track.
2. How to Connect with People When Doing Outreach for Guest Posts – Learn how to start a blogger outreach for your guest posting endeavors. We #AskDistilled and we get all the answers from the best people in the industry. and SEOteky on outreach.
3. 70 Ways to Find Guest Posting Opportunities using Google – Get them all! We listed 70 of the best footnotes used in searching for guest posts. You’ll never have a tough time again on collecting link prospects.

Plus more read from other people that I recommend:

1. Guest Posting with Snoop Dog by Tyson Steven on RightHatSEO.
2. The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging by Kristi Hines on Kissmetrics.
3. How to Evaluate Guest Post Opportunities by James Agate on SEOmoz Blog.
4. What Makes a Great CopyBlogger Guest Post? by Sonia Simone of CopyBlogger.
5. How to use Interviews in Guest Posting by Ryan Fontana on SEER Interactive.


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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5 Responses to Mastering the 4 Pillars of Guest Posting

  1. Jason Acidre says:

    Loved your presentation man, especially the tools! Keep on hustlin! We’ll take the world by storm, soon.

  2. That was a blast Jayson. I felt I missed a lot from your presentation. :(
    Arwin Adriano recently posted..Business: A Look at Event Security

  3. Superb Post Jayson – Excellent work!!

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