SMB Success Story: Sold 1000+ Kicks in Less Than 365 Days

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“Sold a thousand pair of kicks in less than a year” – Reniel

This is the story of Reniel Monsale, owner of SPTERO Knows SB, an online reseller of Nike SB’s and definitely a certified micro entrepreneur thriving in the competitive world of Nike Kicks. Without the necessary knowledge in e-Commerce, Digital Marketing / SEO / Social Media Marketing, he was able to reach his sales target and build a community that gives him business.

reniel knows SB

Sneaker Head: A person who collects limited, rare, OG, or flat out exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or Dunks. – Urban Dictionary

Just like everybody in the world of kicks, he is just a sneaker head who started collecting shoes and turned his passion into something that is profitable. His Nike SB Dunks collection started in 2009, while his business ideas flourish 2012.

Having a chance to talk to this guy is really amazing, humble and down to earth kicks lover. Thanks for allowing me to do this post.

Here are the seven things that I learned from Reniel that every startup entrep should follow:

1. Build Your Own Community

Reniel has a growing Facebook community of kicks lover, for 12,000+ people to like a small online kicks reseller store that is already an amazing success. But still you can find this guy on NikeSB groups in the facebook, chatting and helping other people get the shoes that they are looking for.

Here’s a screenshot of his Facebook page weekly Insight ‘overview’.


The business owner doesn’t even know that facebook has this analytics part.

2. Choose Your Specifics

Reniel only sell a specific shoe type and that is Nike’s SB – Skates / Kicks. He doesn’t sell any Nike shoe type aside from that and this is a simple thing that every digital marketer will tell you ‘Choose a specific niche’ for your business. He’s a sneakerhead and selling the shoes that he love is really a logical thing instead of selling everything.

For start ups, always remember that you don’t have to be the jack of all trades to become profitable. You don’t have to be great at everything to create a great business.

3. Branding Always Work

Started on a simple logo, embellished on a paper bag, now can be bought on tees. He always dreamed of having his own design of logo and extending his brand to other merchandises.


Tip: If you have a creative mind, you can always create your own logo and scan them to become a digital image. Else logo work can be done through an X deal to a graphic designer, can be bought for 20$ and up to graphic design websites or 5$ from gigs.

4. Happy Customers = Referrals

Asking your happy customers to refer you to his or her colleagues is a solid grass rooting technique in the world of marketing. Indeed every micro entrepreneur should not forget that their next customer might be just sitting next to them or to their previous customers. You don’t need superb marketing techniques to do this, making your customers happy on what they paid for can lead to ‘word of mouth’ and returning customers that can be converted into sales.

5. Being Repped By Rockstars Is a Big Boost


Miggy of Chicosci, Rogel of Valley of Chrome / Til Kingdom Come, Pakoy of Typecast, Leland of Heaviator and he also shipped an item to Ted Tuyay of Kamikazee.

6. Customer Testimonials and Reviews Is Effective

“It doesn’t matter whether I’ve sold all my products or not. The money I’ve grossed on this is not a big deal when compared with the trust and friendship I earned from my valued customers. I want to see others express themselves through their sneakers. Aiding them to come up with the best pair would surely bring me great pleasure that money can’t provide.” -  SPTERO Knows SB about page on FB

Here are some of the testimonials that you can read about his business.


7. A Shoe Store Owner That Deliver Orders in Your Doorstep

One of the best things about this guy is that if he is free, you can sit with him and have a sip of coffee while copping a pair of kicks. He does not just sell, he always spend time getting to know the person who copped SB kicks from his store. I ordered a pair of kicks from him before and he delivered it on our doorsteps.

Being true and humble is what separates this guy from other online re-sellers. The problem with other online re-sellers of kicks is that after you deposited your payment to them, they will make you wait for days and even a month or two before you get the shoe that you paid for. Other sellers doesn’t even know how to properly handle pre-ordering and shipping that often results to disappointed customers and bad business reviews.

Face the fact: Delays is a natural thing for parcels here in the Philippines, this is why SMB’s should learn how to properly handle delays. If you have a delayed delivery, you should be honest enough to tell your customer that you are doing everything to sort out the delivery. Either you offer an apology, keep them updated and offer them complimentary items just to keep them happy.

Lessons for SMB’s

Success is for the people who know how to find it. Take Reniel as an example, a guy who doesn’t have all the necessary marketing technique sold a thousand pair of kicks in less than a year. More than what an average Nike store can sell in a year. His success can be attributed to three simple things – know your product, join or build a community of same interest and nurture the people who give you business.

Thanks to Reniel Monsale of SPTERO Knows SB for allowing me to do this post.


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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6 Responses to SMB Success Story: Sold 1000+ Kicks in Less Than 365 Days

  1. Dennis says:

    loved the story Jayson

    I’m going to link to it on a coming blog post of mine.

    Keep up the awesome work
    Dennis recently posted..Top 4 Digital Marketing News YOU Need To Know – June 2014

  2. An amazing story that all startups can learn from. A great way to build a great community around your business that will support and in many cases help you.
    Alexandra Nicola recently posted..It’s all about content!

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Thanks Alexandra, indeed! This guy’s success is so simple that every SMB or startups can emulate :)

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