Nosebleed SEO? Back to Basics

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First of all, If you know the basics of Search Engine Optimization and blogging I suggest you stray away from this post and read something productive like my link anatomy post (HA!)

I wrote this post to prepare for a mini talk invitation of my high school alma mater, Nazarene Catholic School – NCS (Formerly known as QPS, Quiapo Parochial School). I just want to avoid feeding my listeners with overwhelming information about SEO and blogging. I wont run down on how Google was made neither how search spiders crawl websites or when did search engine optimization started. That would be a waste of time I suppose. Google is an easy to click engine for those type of question and answers.

SEO and Blogging Basics

Looking at the image, a man full of questions  (H’s and W’s). We all know that in order for someone to be successful, we must climb a ladder step by step achieving each and every goal before moving to the next. This principle can also be applied on blogging.

1st thing you need is

Critically analyze what you want. Most successful blogs are niche specific and made to talk about a particular subject. I’m not saying that blogs that serve all topics are not inline with success.  But most blogs are topic specific – SEO blog like on seoteky, tech blog like yugatech, travel blog like lakbay pilipinas and the list goes on.

2nd thing you need is

Make an investment, Get your own domain name and hosting. Don’t believe on myths that having a website or a blog can put a hole in your pocket. Setting up websites and blogs can be as low as 1400 pesos a year (that is just about 117 pesos a month) . If you are wasting your money into cellphone loads, why not invest it on a website?. Learn and discover industry’s most powerful content management system, wordpress. Start building your website:

3rd thing you need is

Check your website design. Avoid using too many flashes and lights, JPG’s, GIF’s, Flash, JavaScripts etc. Dont sacrifice user experience over the design of your website. User experience is an important thing to consider on having a successful blog or website.

4th thing you need is

Now start blogging, but don’t just blog – schedule your blog posting just like your favorite hobby. Skipping a day is an ideal thing for start up bloggers to avoid boredom. Recent study shows that many bloggers gets bored of what they write when they do it everyday. (but in reality when you see good results on your blogging you want to do it everyday)

Learn some basics about SEO copywriting

5th thing you need is

Share your blog post to your friends and network. Spread the word and make convince people to do you a favor by letting them share your post to their network too. But you don’t want to beg for them to share your post. “Hi, please help me share this post – ” WTH! That is crap! Good written articles and blog entries are share-able and bait-able. As always blog posting is about writing quality post that creates a stimuli that on people’s taste that enables them to share how delicious and delighted they were reading your post.

Last is be SEOTEKY

Learn the basics of search engine optimization. You don’t need certifications or membership to learn SEO, you can always do it yourself. Perhaps your will to learn and discover this and that is the most important in becoming a success on this blogging industry.

Start on this:



Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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