Popularity comes from clicks. Funny CTR SEO!

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“Just click the link on your google result and see your link rise on SERPS after a week…”  – This is dumb

A funny search engine optimization strategy that made me laugh and scratch head at the same time. (When my boss asked me if i know CTR manipulation) Why? This is so easy, all you need to do is buy IP’s or make use of IP rotate software and blast! Click-click-click. If this is possible, SEO never existed. Content Masters never wrote articles for SEO purposes. Web Designers wont study on Page SEO anymore. Instead, bunch of click agents will be just hired and click on those google listing. Claiming that if someone click or search for your website using a particular engine that SE gets your details and gives incentive due to your clicks. (What’a JOKE!) Simply because this is too easy and gameable just like what Rand fishkin said on seomoz.

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of traffic or people who visit your page. It is useful in terms of studying the behavior of your traffic and analyzing which page needs necessary change to improve its click through rate on analytics. Click through data lets you know the actual clicks that your page had and use user data at your own advantage.

You might want to see this post of Jane Copland about BBC messing up with SEO, particularly on image optimization. I’d also recommend that you read this algorithm coined by Google called PigeonRank technology to add more fascination on your mind.

Briefly explained on SEOMOZ


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2 Responses to Popularity comes from clicks. Funny CTR SEO!

  1. Nate Digby says:

    It’s like creating artificial traffic for the site.. He must’ve thought it would help.
    Or maybe he thought it was because of the clicks he made why his site ranked, when perhaps it’s from the organic traffic done by good SEO on his site :)

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