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guest blog query tool

The tool on this post is no longer working, thanks to ubersuggest :) Please click on the image above to check out our new tool that utilize google sets and guest blog query generator engine.

First of all, this tool wouldn’t be possible without the help of these people – Dan Shure and Dean Cruddace on EvolvingSEO Uberfest of Ubbersuggest post. And like what Dan told me in the email, I’m also confused if it’s Tom Anthony or Tom Critchlow of who authored the Google Query Generator on the spreadsheet; nevertheless, I want to say thank you to them because of their work in improving our scalability in Guest Posting.

Plus, kudos to my SEO buddy, Gary Lacanilao, for the query inspiration!

Guest posting is one of my favorite weapons in my arsenal for link building. For a long time now, it has been proven effective not only by me, but also by the big players in the industry. Nowadays, authority and good links are the talk of town, and again, guest posting comes into the limelight as Google is beginning to refine their algorithms in including author ranks in the formula.

Guest posting should be done precisely in order to be successful with your campaign.  And just like what I have mentioned last Sunday on my first gig as a speaker in an SEO Conference – MORCon 2012, one of the important 4 pillars of guest posting is link prospecting. This tool was featured on the SEO Philippines community last Sunday and we worked hard this week in order to take it into another level.

seoteky gpq

Why Do You Need This? This is a quick tool that can help you identify guest post opportunities through its advance Google query operator relevant to guest posting.

Three things that we love about this tool:

1. Wide Range of Keyword Search – With the help of UbberSuggest, a keyword can be multiplied into a hundred or more. This allows guest post prospecting to reach far beyond normal keyword and link prospecting.

2. Managed Keyword Searches – We often do link prospecting without managing the keywords that we use. Using this tool will keep you focused on the keyword that you are currently using while searching for guest post opportunities.

3. Free Advanced Query in Guest Post Prospecting – We all want the best result in one Google search, right? We use a reliable guest post prospecting query and transcribed it on the tool for free use. Plus, we chipped in some extra operators to speed up your prospecting

Get the tool and test it! Please login to your gmail :

1. Go to the spreadsheet by visiting this link –
2. Go to ‘File’Tab and choose ‘Make a Copy
3. Follow the super easy instruction found on cell A151

How Does It Work?

Before you use the tool, go to the Google keyword tool or any keyword tool that you use to expand your keyword. Let me pick our favorite “Traveling”. Expand your keyword and download it.

keyword tool

Choose the first keyword and copy it to your clipboard.

google sheet

Go to the tool and paste your keyword on CELL B2. Wait for the sheet to populate…

keyword input

Go to column H and choose your search trigger

search trigger

See the search result: Click here


Finding guest post opportunities can be tedious and time-consuming. It consumes a huge amount of time on discovering high value blogs, and it requires a huge amount of keyword resources in order to widen your search. With SEOteky GP Query Generator, we hope we could help you minimize your efforts in searching for link opportunities, but increasing the quality of your work as you can spend more time contemplating on what to write instead of where to write.

If you find this tool helpful and want to see more updates, please don’t forget to subscribe on our RSS – See the ‘Subscribe’ button on the top left side of the site? Hit it! 



Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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21 Responses to Search Query Generator for Guest Blogging

  1. d says:

    For some reason when I go to File, it won’t allow me to select “make a copy”

    You may have to update privileges or something..

    • Jayson says:

      Hi Dennis, thanks for asking :)

      Please make sure that you are logged in to your gmail account before opening the spreadsheet so you wont get into any trouble. If problem still occurs on making a copy then add me on skype:jaysonbagio – I’ll help you from there :)

  2. Gaz Copeland says:

    Great tool to make the process of harvesting guest posting opportunities, love the uber suggest integration!
    Gaz Copeland recently posted..Why I share my drafts, and you should too

    • Jayson says:

      Thanks Gaz, time saver as the say and the wide reach of keywords can really help you find more guest post opportunities :)

  3. hyderali says:

    Hey Jayson,

    I was just searching for some guest posting tool & you post comes in handy. Found it on & voted it up. Now my problem for searching on google for guest post is over. Found several of guest post via your tool in a seconds.


  4. This really is a great tool. So easy to use. I’ll be using this all afternoon. Thanks!!!

  5. Jayson,

    Kuddos! This spreadsheet/tool rocks! It not only saves time, but also money. Time=Money, but that’s not what I mean. I’m saying that people will pay for tools to help them save time in link prospecting. I know a few tools out there that charge for what your tool offers. Great tool, and really valuable to those on a minimal budget!
    Annalisa Hilliard recently posted..The Complete Guide to Mastering Your Title Tags

    • Jayson says:

      Thanks Annalisa! Glad that I was able to help people through this tool. Me and Gaz Copeland will join force to make this tool more powerful :) So we got plenty of surprises for you…

  6. Carly says:

    Great post and Great tool, can’t wait to try it out!

  7. The tool is very helpful. It saves me time and so much effort to look for blogs who accepts guest posting. This is the best free link prospector I’ve used. Thank you so much for this tool, Jayson.

  8. Hi Jayson,
    i’ve tried to make a copy of the sheet and it works but each time i put a keyword into cell B2 the tool dont’t works. Any idea to solve this issue?

    Thanks much!

    • Jayson Bagio says:

      Sad thing is that Ubbersuggest updated their machine. It now demands for captcha solving before any query can take place. Preventing my tool an instant access and the reason why the tool is no longer working. I am asking around though if someone can override it, but I guess the tool is stuck at that for now.

  9. Alice says:

    I really hope you can develop a work around for ubersuggest needing a captcha. This is an invaluable tool and I miss it!

  10. Glen Wilson says:

    Oh man, I have been searching around for hours looking for a good tool to use, and when I saw this tool on stokedseo, I got excited, but now, ubersuggest has stuffed us all up. DOH!
    Any updates on ubersuggest Jayson
    Glen Wilson recently posted..How To Reduce the Bounce Rate In Google Analytics If You Use WordPress

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