SEO, A Forward Look 5 Years from Now

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Admit it, SEO has always been about the links that you build to power up your website in Google Search Ranking Pages. SEO was once stuck on the concept of HTML Sitemaps and became XML Sitemaps. Link Sculpting became a major buzz in search engine optimization. Rel=canonical is the next best thing on fighting duplicate contents.

On link building – Directories and forum signature links were once a haven for every SEO’s out there. There was a time where sitewide links and footer links become on demand to build massive links to your website. Then there’s Article Marketing, Guest Posting, Badges and Widgets, Content Syndication, Press Releases and many more link building outreaches.

But have you ever asked yourself what would happen in SEO, 5 Years from now? Presenters from SEO ORG PH – Morcon 2011 were asked by the same question above. Listen to their answers…


From left to right Ed Pudol, Ester Del Fierro, Sheila Dela Pena, Benj Arriola, Mark Acsay, Jason Acidre, Kim Tyrone Agapito and Juanito Cell Jacela

SEO 5 Years From Now, My Checklist

1. Quality Content - Content from your website will always be a strong message among search engines on giving you good quality score. Shareable, valuable and useful contents will be the king and the master of the websites. Content strategies will shape the industry of creative writing and definitely will change SEO Copywriting. More creative ideas will rise and go further than what we have today, infographs, power badges, blog baits.
2. Neighborhood and Public Relations – Relationship building should start today, building network of niches will be one important ingredient on being successful in search.  Building a good relationship with your fellow bloggers and practitioners will take you into another level. Join forums, communicate with blog comments, be proactive and join conferences.

3. Intelligent Link Building – Link building will depend on massive link prospecting that involves hard work and research, enough with the artificial link building that manipulates search crawlers. Linking will flow like river into sea, so natural that search engines won’t complain that they are being manipulated once again by SEO’s. Authentic marketing will be the king of all media.

4. Social Media & Beyond – We will be stuck together with social media since its the fastest way for peer recommendations and Google use social graphs to inject social factors in search results. Therefore one must learn how to take advantage of social media sites like linkedin, twitter and facebook.

5. Search Will Be Everywhere – Search verticals will go wide – Local, Images, Video, News, Blogs, Social, Mobile, Products etc.

Creativity and passion will be your best weapon 5 years from now. For people who are just starting to learn Search Engine Optimization, motivate yourself to improve on this fast paced SEO industry. Search grows continuously; your traffic becomes more intelligent than ever. Scoring a touch down will need you to run 100 yards without a quarterback just like NFL. Search Engines are dead serious on cracking down SEO methods that manipulate them and degrades search result quality.

“SEO will never die, as long as search engines exist. But it will be closely integrated with traditional marketing.”

Benj Arriola, Interview

Like what Matt Cutts said, don’t chase algorithms, chase after how users want to use the web, because that’s what their algorithms are chasing after

- Jason Acidre, Interview

So let me ask you, How do you see SEO 5 years from now?



Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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3 Responses to SEO, A Forward Look 5 Years from Now

  1. Great post Jayson. I agree. What I see in SEO after 5 years from now, is that it will continue but in a more revolutionized form. It may be integrated with social media and even with life-streaming. I also see that it will extend to mobile phones. I always remember to write for searchers (people) and not for the search engine.
    Vic @ Business Tips recently posted..How to Make a Short Blog Post that Attracts Visitors

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