14 Curate Posts for Your Thirsty SEO Mind

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We all heard of curate posts and how helpful it can be on producing contents. Since the need for archive posts has grown, more and more bloggers had their own series of curate posts. From simple aggregation of creative minds, quality posts to blogs. From top 10, 20, 50 and 100, writers and bloggers has conveniently changed the way blog posts are.

So we collected 13 + 1 SEO must read curate posts, lists, link building tips, guides and collections from different SEO blogs and SEO minds and put it on this one solid curate posts that every SEO peeps will be coming back again and again.

(Added a new entry on #1 spot)

1. Link Building Strategies The Complete List from PointBlankSEO.com by #Super JonCooper – You will never run out of ideas on building links. Jon  Cooper has it all, a super complete list of link building tactics that you can carry all day plus the fact that you can sort it via time to execute, link value and dependencies. The bonus part makes it more exciting, hit @pointblankseo and email him 3 strategies that you believed not included in his list and he will give you a PointBlankSEO t-shirt as a prize. Cool! 

2. 100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas from HubSpot – Superb inbound marketing tips straight from one of the best inbound marketing agency in the world. This is not a curate post but an ebook. You would have to sign up in order to download the ebook. (This is supposed to be on #8 but I put it on #1 after reading it)

3. 21 Advanced Link Building Strategies from KaiserTheSage by Jason Acidre – One of the brightest mind in search industry (and a Filipino) has this treasure that you might want to check every time you search for link building strategies that can help you on your SEO rigors. From link baiting. Relationship building, reverse engineering of competitors to link building and PR

4. 10 Most Important SEO Patents: Part 1 to 10 from seobythesea by Bill Slawski – Understanding the patents behind search engines is the one of the most essential thing in understanding search engines, how they rank websites and what to look for in ranking signals.

“These aren’t patents about SEO, but rather ones that I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about SEO by looking at patents from sources like Google, Microsoft or Yahoo”  - Bill Slawski

5. 30 Ways You Can Earn More Guest Posts & Get More Value Out Of Them from SkyRocketSEOUK by James Agate. One of my favorite among my followed blogs, learn how to make use of great content, get your guest posting outreach success rate up and get the most out of your guest posts.

6. 101 Ways To Build Link Popularity from SEOBook by Aaron Wall & Andy Hagans – If you are new on link building, then this 101 tips can really help you a lot. From hiring a consultant to help you on link building to being a jerk just to earn popularity.

7. 18 Tools to Speed Up Link Building from JustinBriggs.org – Speed it up! Link building is a tedious task and could really eat your time. Justin Briggs, one of the best link builder in the industry share 18 useful tools that can help link builders scale their tasks. Scraper, Peepmail, Counting Tweets  “my favorite” and more.

8. The Panda Update, 1 Year Later: A Guide to What We Know  from Distilled by Carson Ward – I know this is unfair that I included this guide even though it’s not a so-so curate post. If you are looking for a Panda Update Guide then this post can help you a lot. It highlight’s all the important pointers that you need to work on in order to survive Panda.

9. 55 Top Tips & Tricks from LinkLove London 2012 from Julie McNamee via Wordtracker. If you want to know important pointers and quotations inside LinkLove London, then this post is right for you.

“Content doesn’t have to be restricted to what we usually think of as content. Build a community, use your product or present data – that’s all content.” – Rand Fishkin

10. Top 10 Google Update Codenames by Elisa Gabbert from WordStream. We all know the codename that changed everything “Panda” but here is an awesome curate post of codenames that Google used on their algorithm changes or updates. Care to know them?

11. 17 Traffic Building Tips From Some of the World’s Most Popular Bloggers by Corbett Barr on ThinkTraffic.net – If you are looking for quotes that can motivate you and help you build traffic to your site then this post is just for you. “Be undeniably interesting for years”

How can you miss this?

12. Five Common SEO Mistakes (And Six Good Ideas) via Googlewebmastercentral blog – Really organic and simple ways to get your website ranking on keyword searches.

13. Search Quality Highlights: 50 Changes for March via InsideSearch – Just by reading 50 highlights that Google has made last month you will be able to pick up important pointers on improving your rankings. Freshness factor is discussed in here and anchor text usage.

Bonus Social Media Tips

 14. 50 Social Media Tactics For Non Profits from Chad Norman via SlideShare.net – Awesome and real life social media marketing pointers. If you are a beginner and want to know how to do social media marketing the right way, then this is for you.

Feel free to add your own favorite curate post by commenting below the post. Suggestions and recommendations will be highly appreciated. 


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Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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4 Responses to 14 Curate Posts for Your Thirsty SEO Mind

  1. Carson Ward says:

    Not a bad list at all. I just took the liberty of pulling actionable points from each post I linked to for the Panda post – I think it’s totally fair to call it curation – and salamat for the mention :)
    Carson Ward recently posted..What Bloggers Are Saying About Your PR Pitch

    • Jayson says:

      Thanks Sir for recognizing my list :) It’s a pleasure to include your Panda Guide on my collection. I love this quote “Panda is more than a penalty, Affects everyone” – It really changed everything.

  2. Jon Cooper says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Jayson!! By the look of it, I’m in great company :)
    Jon Cooper recently posted..Interview with Link Building Expert Wil Reynolds

    • Jayson says:

      Wow, Super Jon Cooper on my blog :) Man that’s a super list of link building strategies. I want to take the fun challenge that you offer but every time I think of all the link building campaigns that I used – It’s already on your list. Super! Worth listing it on my collection!

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