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Influences is perhaps the most important part of our career. No matter what industry you are currently working on, having the right influence and motivation can always change the way you see things. Influencers can always move you into the right direction and take your game into another level and motivate you to hustle more specially when you are into this fast-paced industry of digital marketing.

Meet again the eight people who contributed to this awesome work.

get opt 2

This is the final post of the Get Optimized Second Series, a collaboration post where we asked our eight guest experts to unravel many of the industry’s hottest questions:


1. Link building strategies that doesn’t need a content.
2. Link building + content bait.
3. The future of guest blogging
4. The Penguin 2.0 – Tips & Tricks
5. 300$ marketing budget for SMB’s
6. Google analytics secrets
7. Unnatural link warnings and penalties

The last piece that we asked our contributors is to:

Share your influences or influencers and inspire other people. Mention two or three names, study or any that influence your work as a professional.

sean si

I’ll keep this short because otherwise It’ll be too long. I have big names in my inspirators list because I want to be big someday too.

Brian Clark – One of my first inspirators. Built his own business using content marketing. Read 5 entries in his and he can start selling you basically ANYTHING.


Rand Fishkin – SEOmoz is beyond argument in its standing, reputation and glory in our industry. This guy started it all and keeps himself in check.

The Bible – It might not be a ‘name’ but the wisdom and spiritual discipline that I’ve drawn out of it extends beyond my SEO skills and encompasses my character, ethics, morals, and basically who I am. I cannot recommend God’s Word enough. After all, it is GOD’S WORD.

Here are some of my other inspirators just for additional names you could look into:

Seth Godin
John Maxwell
Malcolm Gladwell
Danny Sullivan

Some of the people who helped me start out:

Ana Hoffman (
Jason Acidre (
Austin Takahashi (

Some of the people who are just extremely helpful to me:

Nikolas Nikolaou (
Jay Jersey (

You should try reaching out to these fellas. They’ll help you without expecting nothing in return.

Janette Toral

Gillian Muessig (@seomom) – Her leadership, actions, and insight in the SEM field is very inspiring.

moz visit

See album on Flickr

David Viney – the lessons learned from his book ( has greatly influenced me as an SEO professional and educator. Hope to invite him to come to the Philippines one day and speak at one of my events.

Gary Viray (– basta. (I think your feature about him in this series will clearly show what makes him great.)


This is tough. I have a lot of influencers and mentors. Let me try my best to name 3 of them.

SEO – Jim Boykins is the real deal for me.

jim boykins and gary viray

Jim Boykins and Gary Viray at 2010 SEMCon

Analytics – Avinash Kaushik. He’s got the knack to present complex data into simpler forms understandable to anyone.
Entrepreneurship – my Mother. At age 9, she already showed me the ropes of being an entrepreneur. Of course, later on, most of my personal influencers are game changers like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Richard Branson of Virgin Group.

Here are my thoughts:

Nothing beats tenacity and willingness to learn new things “Excellence is a way of life”, that is what I always tell people whenever they ask me on how I live my professional career. Live it and you will never go wrong. It is okay to look up to someone else however, you need to find your own legend and when you find it, never stop honing it and being best about it.

Credibility. When you are up for a bigger challenge, push the envelope no matter what happens. If you need to have sleepless nights due to an expected deliverable, do so. Being a service-based professional is not always about you. Most of the time, it is about your client expecting value from you.

Surround yourself with the best people you could learn a great deal from. Always play against the better opponents to become much better.

jon santillan

My biggest influence is Coca Cola’s 70/20/10 rule.

I like Coke’s approach to their content strategy, which applies the 70/20/10 Investment principle to creating ‘Liquid content’ development.

coca cola

The way they apply this rule is to spend 70% on content development that already works, 20% on content creation that involves innovation off what worksand 10% on high risk content that could either become part of the 70/20 in future or fail completely.

This influences me in the way that I plan my SEO activities in that I spend 70% on my usual activities that are already working which is about 50% of my time, whether this is on technical prioritization or link acquisition strategy, 20% on activities that involve further development of new ideas, and 10% on creating new ideas which are more responsive for further SEO improvements.

As for people that influence my work as professional that are definitely worth mentioning are the peeps from SEO Philippines community, every one of them because that is everything where it started, to name the few like BenjArriola, Kim Agapito, ZaldyDalisay, Mito Pontillas, WhinClores These guys collaborate a lot and help each other to succeed in SEO front.

Also definitely worth mentioning David Harry and the guys and gals from SEO training dojo where I used to spend most of the time on their weekly skype/google hangout online meet up and just listened, get some new things and learned a lot from theconversation about new stuff from local and international search, social, link building and other random things.

Aaron Wall from SEO Book, which helps me identify untapped opportunities, get reviews from project websites and gets awesome recommendation to promote searchfuse.

Todd Malicoat of MarketMotive where I spent 3 months of rigorous SEO actual training and from the local talent that excel in the field of Search and Social.

The rest are Allan Duncan from flipmedia, Dave Fuentes of Dubizzle, IyadTibi of Reprise media and AmjadPuliya of Vizury.

Lastly the reason why I keep pushing myself in SEO and influence me to do more is the team behind the websites that I am competing with from positioning the website organically from SERP in travel and airline sector.

benj arriola

There are a number of people that had influenced me and my work over the years but not all of them may be popular people. But if I have to narrow it down to two to three people I would sum it up to my father, my mother and geometry.

My father liked games and he challenged me in almost every game, and most of the time I lost but with every lost was a lesson learned on how to win the next time. These games we played could be a simple card game, board game or sports. Even if I may physically have some advantage in sports or had more experience in a certain game he would find my weaknesses and from there he maximizes his strength. In modern day concept I was learning how to do a SWOT analysis even before i know it was called SWOT analysis.

My mother on the other hand had instilled in me the fact that knowledge is the best investment in life. No one could steal it away from you. So when I am challenged in doing any type of task more so with those that seemed to be an unfamiliar territory for me all I have to do is learn it, explore it and be familiar with it.


Geometry, seemed to be an odd source of my professional influence but as I come to think of it even in high school I was found of proving statements using the postulates and theorems in geometry. I find it a structure way to come up with logical reasoning to prove a point. It helped out in how I do my decision making. As time passes by, I started to realized the same thinking was somewhat similar to pragmatism which is a practical way of decision making, by listing down advantages and disadvantages and maximizing what is deemed to be the advantages. The geometry part in proving statements came handy in justifying my own actions with back up reasons clearing out any doubts if I made the right decisions or not.


Allow me to name four (4) industry leaders that I follow. Their insights on how things should be done have influenced me as an Online Marketing practitioner:

Matt Cutts – For anything Google Search
Rand Fishkin – Marketing Savvy
Danny Sullivan – Technical side of OM
Avinash Kaushik – Web Analytics and Business Intelligence

gary lacanilao


Itamar Gero – my ex boss – Owner of Truelogic Online Solutions, Inc. – He thought me how to be patient, work smart, and dream big.

Paul Stinemetz – my ex boss – Owner of Endlessrise, Inc. – The most humble boss I had. He’s one of the reasons why I am doing my best for my family, friends, and colleagues. He also thought me to live life with high ethics so that good things will come to you.

Jason Acidre – One word, “Awesome”. No need to explain further.


In the SEO and digital marketing field – I’ve always followed Wil Reynolds and Ross Hudgens.

Right now, I’ve been reading a lot of other stuff (since 2013 started) that are not all related to what we do, but I seem to find ideas that can be correlated to online marketing. I find Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s concept called “Antifragile” pretty much applicable to our industry (hat tip to our investment consultants from Etalon who introduced us to this concept).


Of course, there’s Lao Tzu (the original sage).

This is the last part of this 3 month long Get Optimized series. Sorry to those people who waited, some of the contributors were also busy and wasn’t able to give their complete answers immediately. Thank you for your patience! 2014 is a new year, let’s find our influencers together and grow :)


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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  1. Louie Sison says:

    So much golden nuggets to find in this blog post. Now I can also start following these people who influenced these experts.

    Thanks Jayson.
    Louie Sison recently posted..Interview with the Experts

  2. Incredible post. Truly inspiring and influencing to us. I am very much proud of you guys. Rock the world Philippines!

  3. Itamar is one of the most dedicated and humble CEO I have worked for and worked with. He has helped me nurture my SEO skills and guided me as I managed website development and SEO projects.
    Jasper Molina recently posted..Wearable Technology Trends: Tales from CES 2014 and Beyond

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