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How sure are you that your website is optimized? Search Engine Optimization is one of major ways to do inbound marketing. It powers your website to rank for keywords that people use on finding your product and services. But wait, it comes naturally (Organic SEO)!

seo services

Market Your Product & Services Online. Search Engine Optimization – Be Found by your customers.

We help you get optimized™ – We know how important to increase your website online visibility. Internet is growing fast and people using search engines are growing smart. Million of searches happen in Google every minute. If you’re website is not optimized, then you’re product and services is stuck on the dark and cannot be found by people searching for it.

Optimize for people using search engines, not for search crawlers

Search Engine Optimization, STEP-BY-STEP

Competitive Research and Analysis – Know your competition, who is your opponent for keywords that you are bidding for.

Website Audit (Site Analysis) – We analyze your website first, one of the most important part of SEO is to analyze the current status of the website and this includes code, navigational structure, http status, 404 error pages, page loading speed, existing links and all important ranking factors that can affect your website ranking in search engines.

Keyword Research – We make sure that your website is positioned on keywords that are profitable. This crucial part of SEO requires strong analytics of keywords including the estimate volume of usage, competition and difficulty of keywords that we pick.

Scalable SEO Plan – Wake up! SEO is not a one click thing, after doing thorough research and analytics for your website. We are going to create a scalable SEO plan that we can use on improving your website visibility on search engine result pages.

Content Strategy, Development and Optimization – Content speaks volume. If you want to target keywords and rank then you must know that you need quality content so that search engines can be convinced that such url gives weight for a particular keyword. We optimize your website content and implement rapid and safe optimization techniques that can help your brand be recognized as an authority in the internet.

Creatives – We make sure that your content is worth sharing and becomes a linkable asset for your website. We brainstorm and think of the best content that is suited for your business and most importantly, your niche.

RINSE-&-REPEAT – SEO is not a 1 time outing, we make sure that every strategies used for your website is performing well and giving your business all the advantage that you can have. We commit ourselves in doing all the study and test to improve SEO strategies that we use.

Every business is different; your website must be thematically optimized. We don’t just build links and attack, we use our nuts!

Contact us, so we can start your free SEO audit that can help us understand what is needed to be done for your website.

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