The 10 Commandments of Guest Posting

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If you are just doing guest posts for the sake of backlinks, then please exit the door to the left! If you want to build sweet and sound relationship with your prospects then please have a seat. Guest posts should attract people, and leave them wanting to know you more – the author of that awesome post.

ten commandments

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Today I am presenting the 10 Commandments of Guest Posting. I believe that Guest Posting shouldn’t be just another link building method used and soon be abused by SEO’s and link builders. Guest posting is a high value content marketing method, you connect with blog owners and webmasters, build strong relationship and rapport to them and to his or her audience.

Following these commandments can help you become that better SEO / Link Builder / Guest Blogger / Internet Marketer/ Branding Expert

1. Thou Shalt Have Guest Posts to Convert Leads

Guest posts should always aim for conversion – not just conversion but high conversions. This make guest posting extra special. If you guest post on a high quality blog, with good readership and owned by a person who has sounding authorship score, then you know that people, the audience of the blog will read your content and will definitely want more. That leads to a click on your CTA – (Call to Action) texts or button. Plus points only to the link juice that you get out from the links that you get.

2. Thou Shalt Always Nurture Relationship With Blog Owners & Guest Bloggers

Guest posting has so much more potential. When you do your outreach, you connect to blog owners. And when you connect with them, you always want to build a relationship that you can keep for life. 

tad chef

A simple thought from Tadeusz Szewczyk on

3. Thou Shalt Not Be Another Stranger Asking for Guest Post

You know what suck in guest posting? When someone email you out of nowhere and ask for a guest post even if he’s topic or subject is irrelevant to your blog.

Or an email that ask for a partnership or advertising opportunity on a preformatted template look.


So here are some good points on how to avoid being a stranger when doing your next guest post outreach

Okay I admit it! I love stalking Jon Cooper of, (Here are some good way to know your target blogger and avoid being just another stranger begging for links)

What I like about my relationship with this guy? Exchange of emails – Soon I’ll have the guts to guest post on PointBlankSEO :)

Target acquired

jon cooper followerwonk

Compare him to other people in his field


Know what he is talking about


Check out what people love about him


Widen your reach, see who follows him


data from dejan

Stalk him to death

twitter api

The tools above: Followerwonk, wordle, counting tweets, muil by DejanSEO,  twitter API via Wil Reynolds – Stalking for links

4. Thou Shalt Record & Save Information on Master Sheet for Guest Posting

Record keeping is always important for SEO and link builders, as well as for people doing the outreach for guest posts. Remember, don’t be a 1 time outing person. Take advantage of the conversation that you have with the blog author. Save his or her email on your master sheet for future use. TIP: every once in a while email this people, or engage them on twitter so you could maintain the relationship that you built to these people.

 5. Thou Shalt Not Steal Images and Context For My Next Guest Post

Don’t just put images on your post specially images that are owned by other people. Give image credits, mentions and say thank you. If you can email the owner of the image and ask for permission that you are going to use it for your guest post and give credits to them – that is great.

RETOOLING, my favorite idea from Ross Hudgens, link building by imitation

link building by imitation

6. Thou Shalt Collect Prospects More Efficiently

Collecting link prospects for guest posts is always my main concern in doing outreach. But you can always be more efficient by using tools available out there. Here are some of my favorite tools in guest posting.

  1. 70 Google Advance Queries for Guest Post Prospecting
  2. Twitter + Guest Post by Ethan Lyon on SEOmoz Blog
  3. Understanding the influencers in your niche through Topsy and Followerwonk
  4. Tracking Footprint and Bylines of guest bloggers
  5. ScrapeBox for link prospecting from SEODoctorUK

7. Thou Shalt Identify Vertical and Horizontal Niche Of My Subject

SEO and link builders should know this thing already, it’s our responsibility to identify vertical and horizontal niche of our clients.

niche list

8. Thou Shalt Select A Topic That Has High Value, Remarkable & Worthy

Selecting topic is an important part of guest posting. Not just in writing content, but from the time that you email and reach out to the blogger about the topic that you wanted to contribute to his or her blog.

So how do you get ideas for your high value, remarkable and worthy topic?

Understand your target blogger, follow the commandment #3 – Knowing your target blogger’s taste can help you a lot in choosing what topic to pitch to him or her. Assessing what people love about him can also help you.

Setup Google Alerts to track your target keywords, if you want to know the latest buzz in your topic or subject – and want to know the latest posts that involves your subject then Google alerts is your fastest way to get more ideas on choosing your subject and your next title.

google alerts

Honestly, what post do you want to contribute, Is it informative and educational? Is it news in the industry? A curate post, list, collection or interview of relevant people in the industry.

Here are some more helpful posts that can help you as you go along choosing your next topic:

When Interesting and Informative is not enough  - Emotional triggers in Blogging by Benj Arriola of IMI

Advance Keyword Research – LSI Mastery and Authoritative Content Theming by Kim Tyrone

Say What Matters – Mozcon 2012 Presentation by Ian Laurie of Portent

8 Attributes of Content that Inspire Action – Daniel Tynski on SEOmoz UGC

9. Thou Shalt Create Awesome Content All The Time

If you want your guest post do the job for you, then you need to be awesome. Wow bloggers and the audience, bait them with your great content and everything will work in your way.

Check this visualized data from – also seen on National Geographic News Watch Page. A pure link bait and a very good example of great content.

life of a salvaged tree

You can always guest post an infograph to an authentic blog, a very good data visualization is always attractive for many bloggers. The Life of a Salvage Tree is a work made by the team at

Credits: Laura Beatty, Jordan Boshers, Melissa Braden, Kevin Graves, Yichen Liu, Andrew O’Donnell, Jeff Oxford, Kate Riley, Nick Slettengren (I was hoping to give credit to Sir Benj but he told me that to give full credit to the team)

Next one is this video – Theory of Everything: What is Matter? 

I won’t give you the brand name behind this content – just watch the video and be surprised, currently 457,012 views.

10. Thou Shalt Not Treat Guest Posting as Just Another Link Building Method

Guest Posting is powerful and effective. It’s a solid marketing method that involves conversation, remarkable content and relationship building. Guest posting is a continuous process of building your relationship with other bloggers, rapport – authorship and authority. Not a submission type of link building or any.


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4 Responses to The 10 Commandments of Guest Posting

  1. Jordan says:

    A lot of good resources and information. I particularly like your point in commandment 8, many so called article writers have a mind set of old SEO where they write for the sake of backlinks. Hence, a mindless article with not much effort is put into really giving great information, just to get a keyword in there somewhere and a backlink.

    I’ll sure be bookmarking some of the resources you suggested and try them out. Great stuff, thanks Jason.

  2. Thanks for all of those tools and resources! I always think about the 10th commandment, especially now that most SEOs are jumping into the guest posting wagon.
    Gisele Navarro Mendez recently posted..A link to a link to some more links

    • SEOteky says:

      Thanks Gisele :) Yep, 10th Commandment is indeed important. Not just for marketers, social media peeps and outreach people but also for blog owners to treat Guest Posting as highly as possible. Not just a way to grab an awesome post for free, but a way to engage and widen their relationship with other people. Hate blog owners who accept guest posts for payment – publicly displaying it or even privately, they are putting guest posting in great danger.

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