Traditional Marketing Myths. The Good and Bad!

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You own a business but you’re not satisfied the way your product is being marketed by your people. And so you research for strategy and techniques that you can consider to improve your sales and max up your return on investment. Oh well, better not miss this traditional marketing myths that you don’t want to put your money on.

Traditional Marketing Myth #1

Tarpaulin and Banners will do the job! It’s the grandest day for a city and you want your ads to be everywhere. Get someone who can post your good looking banner and make everyone notice it. Post it on the wall, in the corner of the streets and almost everywhere you want.

Plus (+): Tarpaulins are effective, avail advertisement on cheap price and can boost your sales on short period of time. Cheap – may vary on the size of the tarp.

Minus (-): Short term only – since your ad has the risk to be ripped off, if you hang it within reach. Might not get noticed if your people made a wrong placement.

Traditional Marketing Myth #2

Newspaper Classifieds and Ad Space is another good way to advertise. Get exposed to a large amount of people and convert them into sales. This one is really famous on occupying the folds of newspaper. Anyway, newspaper wouldn’t be so enjoyable without this image ads.

Plus (+): High level of exposure and Effective

Minus (-): Might eat your budget. I once inquired to a newspaper and the price table actually surprised me.  Not very well targeted since the only people who’ll see your ad are the ones who buy the newspaper.

Traditional Marketing Myth #3

Flyers and leaflets is the cheapest way to market your product. This is ideal for small business trying to get noticed by other people. All your people have to do is give it away on crowded places.

Plus (+): Could cost only small amount of money. Effective for small businesses.

Minus (-): Your small piece of paper ad could just become a garbage for people who aren’t interested about what you are selling. People only spend 3 to 5 seconds to look on the fyler and in take your advertisement.

This are just 3 of those many traditional marketing myths that you may want to consider on advertising your product or service. Exposing your product to people is a good idea, but discovering where this people is located and what kind of people you need to get with is necessary.

Advertising a service or a product could be tedious for business people. The revolution has started already! You got Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. People spend their time browsing for stuffs inside the net! Don’t get left out!


Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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