Who Should Do SEO?

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Have you ever asked yourself if you can really be an SEO? Or can you be in this industry with the skills set and knowledge that you have?

Last week I was able to attend an event of SEO Organization Philippines entitled as Bataan Blogging BootCamp II. Held in the beautiful place of Orani, Bataan – Bataan Peninsula State University. I met different SEO Philippines personalities and had so much fun talking with them. Especially meeting the most prolific member of the Org, Sir Benj Arriola whom I found out as one of the coolest member of the org, you wouldn’t feel that you’re out of place whenever you ask him something.

benj bataan

Benj Arriola is the SEO Director of Internet Marketing Inc in San Diego, California. Has spoken in industry conferences such as Webmaster World PUBCON, SMX East, San Diego eCommerce Summit, Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) 2012. 

Glad that I was there, learning search engine optimization from one of the best in the industry and the crazy thing is that it’s free! Here’s a short clip from Sir Benj talking about “Who should do SEO?”. This is an essential guide for college students and even professionals who want to jump shift to the search industry.

<Video Transcription of the Talk with IT Students of BPSU>

Who should do seo?  Should it be network admin because they are in networking?  Should be the web designer who should do the SEO? Should it be the web developer because they have programming skills? Should it be the marketing manager because of marketing skills?  Should it be content writer because they can write content? Should it be public relations or ad managers because they can write ad copies? Should it be the sales manager of the company because they are in charge of the sales? Should it be people from the IT department because they can do many things, configuring server, 301 and so on. Actually, anybody from that list can do SEO. 

In SEO, you need technical knowledge, writing skills and marketing knowledge. Knowing that you are more on the computer side, so your knowledge is more on the technical side. If you want to become SEO, then you also need to work on your writing skills and marketing knowledge. Same with marketing people, they need to study the other 2.

Join SEO.ORG.PH today! – SEO Organization Philippines is a reputable community of SEO Professionals helping other Filipino people discover Search Engine Optmization and all the discipline involved. The Bataan Blogging Bootcamp is sponsored by Mr. Ed Pudol of Lexorsoft.net

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Jayson Bagio is the lead strategist of SEOteky. A digital marketing team from Manila, Ph who specializes in content marketing and link building. Get in touch with him using the contact form on the side or by visiting the about page. You can also follow him on twitter & google+.

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8 Responses to Who Should Do SEO?

  1. [...] is to provide camps and conferences that are affordable and almost free. Just like the recent Bataan Blogging Bootcamp, the very first event that I attended together with the org.“Come and join the official [...]

  2. glenn says:

    is everybody invited even the non IT professional like me? just wanna know more on SEO .

  3. [...] that is the most important in becoming a success on this blogging industry.Start on this:Google.comSEO BootcampBeginners GuideVoltes 5  About the authorJayson Bagio is the sole owner and blogger of SEOTeky [...]

  4. Is there a full video of the presentation? We really want to learn more about SEO here in Cagayan de Oro City but it seems like we lack the resources to know the industry better. Mas mabuti nga cguro may BS SEO na course. :) )
    Anjo Bacarisas recently posted..Tap Out Negativity

    • SEOteky says:

      Treat me a tour in CDO and I will give you free SEO / Inbound Marketing Seminar..hehehe — Kidding! Oh could be real :)

      I got no full video on this one Anjo, this is a SEO Bataan Bootcamp Wholeday Session. With speakers from SEO ORG PH family. Just sign up on SEO.ORG.PH and there are many people there who can answer your question – including me :)

      Thanks for being a follower on my twitter, appreciate it!

  5. Benj Arriola says:

    “Knowing that you are more on the computer side, so your knowledge is more on the technical side.”

    People not knowledgeable of this event might assume I think SEO people are often from the IT careers. That’s not the case. I am aware of all careers but tailored this presentation to the audience who were IT/computer science students. The venue was a university.

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